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Air Jordan 2010 – In-Depth Detailed Look

November 12, 2009 BY / 0

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Every year, when the new Air Jordan signature model drops, we can be assured of two things. One is that the shoe will push the limits of cutting edge sneaker design, and the other is that reactions to the shoe will be of a love/hate nature. Many Jordan-heads rightfully hold Jordan Brand up to a higher standard, and because of the unconditional love for the early Air Jordan models, each new pair already has a lot working against it. JB is in a tough spot with the yearly signature Jordan line. To make a comparison, it’s like going to see a legendary band in concert, and even though the crowd only wants to hear the classic hits, the band still has to play some new songs to help sell their latest album.

That’s what seems to happen with new Air Jordans nowadays.  As much as people want to love the new ones, they will always compare them with the classics, and that’s hard to match up with, not just on a design level, but for the nostalgia factor as well.  Just like with that great band’s new album, it unfairly has plenty working against it before it even emerges. At the end of the day though, the die-hard fans still want it to be great and want to love it.  Many recent Jordan models have missed the mark by quite a bit, but even the ones that have been close still have a hard time capturing that original magic.

This year’s Air Jordan 2010 edition might just be a step back in the right direction thanks to the team of Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith at the helm. While the shoe will definitely draw it’s share of criticism and opposition, the simple fact is that JB has once again found a way to transform the classic Air Jordan aesthetic into something innovative and fresh. The flowing lines and clean design of the Air Jordan 2010 are a nice throwback to some classic Jordan flavor, but it’s the transparent window that gives the shoe the kind of daring touch that we used to always expect from a new Air Jordan release. The window effect will no doubt be extremely polarizing among sneakerheads, but at least they are still pushing things forward and creating unique concepts.

Many will bash the shoe now, and then go buy it when it drops on February 13th, so don’t be swayed by others when formulating your own opinion. Keep reading after the jump to take a thorough up-close and personal look at the Air Jordan 2010 and the technology behind it. Whether you love it or hate it, at least tip your hat to the ingenuity and progressive attitude that has made the Air Jordan line such a huge success over the years.








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