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5 Minutes With Dwight Howard

September 14, 2010 BY / 0

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Dwight Howard is undeniably one of the most unstoppable forces in the NBA today, but aside from commanding the paint for the Orlando Magic, Dwight has  a big personality and plenty of other talents to offer. Last Friday night, at the Gatorade Replay game in Chicago, Dwight got to try his hand at something new, serving as honorary coach for the eventually triumphant Brother Rice Crusaders. Between passionately pacing the sidelines and entertaining the lively crowd in attendance, Sneaker News got a chance to sit down with the young man also affectionately known as “Superman” and the “Man Child” to discuss, what else, but sneakers. We asked Dwight about his first sneaker memories, his signature sneaker line from adidas and, of course, his thoughts on the upcoming 2010-11 NBA season. Keep reading for the full Sneaker News interview with NBA superstar Dwight Howard, and stay tuned for more athlete and celebrity interviews coming soon.

Sneaker News: What’s up Dwight?  Lets get right into it and talk sneakers.

Dwight Howard: Let’s do it!

SN: Let’s start at the beginning. What was your favorite shoe as a kid?

DH: I didn’t have a lot of shoes. The only shoe I had  as a kid was the Pro-Wings. You heard of Pro-Wings?

SN: Yeah. Of course.

DH: I had Pro Wings for a long time. Then I got my first Jordans when I was 15, and then after that, it was all adidas.

SN: What was your first pair of Jordans?

DH: Oh man. I can’t even tell you the name of them. Somebody gave me a pair of Jordans and that’s all I
remember. Since then, it’s been nothing but adidas though.

SN: And now you’ve got your own line of adidas shoes. Could you ever have imagined as a kid that someday you’d have your own signature adidas shoe?

DH: It feels great to have my own shoe. It’s awesome! It’s something I always dreamed of and prayed about since I was a little kid and now I thank God that I have the opportunity to have my own sneaker.

SN: How much input do you have on the design of your shoes?

DH: I actually sit in all the meetings and tell them that I want a shoe that looks good and feels good that I can wear on and off the court.

SN: When you walk into the design meetings, do they already have a concept in mind or do you start from scratch?

DH: We basically start from scratch. They show me some outlines and then I tell them where I wanna take it from there and they do it.

SN: And have you been happy with the results so far?

DH: Oh yeah. The newest shoe is very light. It looks good. It feels good. It’s the best shoe I’ve worn in a long time.

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