Carmelo Anthony & Sneaker News Discuss Melo M7

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sneaker news carmelo anthony melo m7 interview 01 Carmelo Anthony & Sneaker News Discuss Melo M7


On the eve of his much-anticipated match-up with the New York Knicks, Denver Nuggets superstar and Brooklyn-born Carmelo Anthony sat down with Sneaker News after a team practice to discuss his brand new signature shoe with Jordan Brand, the Jordan Melo M7. Passionate energy has been one of Carmelo Anthony’s calling cards throughout his career, whether it be about his hometown roots, family and loved ones, his teammates and professional success, and particularly his signature line of footwear with Jordan Brand. Now seven deep into the Jordan Melo sneaker legacy, the Melo M7 is on the brink of writing another sensational chapter in Carmelo’s growing legacy; the deceptively lightweight construction combined with unique pairings of materials like Foamposite and patent leather result in arguably the best Jordan Melo design yet, with top-notch on-court performance as well as an off-the-court lifestyle appeal to boot. Continue reading for a Sneaker News Exclusive interview with Carmelo Anthony to find out more about the Jordan Melo M7.

Sneaker News: Melo, let’s get right into your new shoe, the Melo M7.

Carmelo Anthony: Oh alright, yeah.

SN: You clearly know a lot about the shoe and obviously you’re very involved in the design. How much input did you actually have in the design of the M7?

CA: Yeah, man. I’m there from day one. I think a lot of people, you know, misinterpret when someone says they have their own shoe and that they design their own shoe. From day one, i’m there, from giving them the ideas to what’s influencing me at that time, whether it’s a car, clothes, whether it’s a handbag, or anything. You know, i’m there from day one.


sneaker news carmelo anthony melo m7 interview 09 Carmelo Anthony & Sneaker News Discuss Melo M7


SN: Going from the M6 to the M7, what specifically did you want to change – is there something you wanted to add or subtract?

CA: Well, for this one, the M7, I wanted to use new materials. I wanted to try multiple materials on one shoe, whereas before in the past it’s just been one material. Basically, when we were building the shoe and trying to use all these materials and technology that’s going into it, we’re still trying to make the shoe as light as possible.

SN: Speaking on the style of the shoe, the M6 was a bit more lifestyle-based, with midsole stitching like the Air Force 1, while the M7 is clearly more of an aggressive basketball shoe. Is there a reason for the switch?

CA: I think it’s just the timing and the way everything’s going. Like for this one, I wanted to give it more Lifestyle materials, with the patent leather and Foamposite – you know, that’s really hot right now. I wanted to put these lifestyle materials into a basketball shoe, and it obviously worked because the feedback i’ve been getting has been great.


sneaker news carmelo anthony melo m7 interview 02 Carmelo Anthony & Sneaker News Discuss Melo M7


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