Jason Petrie Discusses the Nike LeBron 8 V2

January 13th, 2011 by | 12 comments

jason petrie talks nike lebron 8 V2 13 Jason Petrie Discusses the Nike LeBron 8 V2

SN: Are there any features or aspects of the V2 that haven’t really been spotlighted that you’d like to get out there?

JP: I think an important one is that I’ve heard a couple people saying that it’s Torch material underneath, but it’s definitely not Torch. It’s a much more complicated composite material that we actually had to work on and develop specifically for basketball for quite a while. It’s actually a lot thinner than Torch and provides some different benefits. It’s something unique to the shoe that we did for the first time.

Other than that, I’m just anticipating seeing how it does. I’ve heard some things about the colors… That we didn’t bring enough crazy colorways, but I feel like we’re putting some pretty hearty ones out there. We’ve gotta cover him on court and still bring some energy as well.

jason petrie talks nike lebron 8 V2 3 Jason Petrie Discusses the Nike LeBron 8 V2

SN: We’ve already seen some upcoming CWs like the grey, the navy, the ‘Entourage’, the Summit Lake, the All-Star. I know you can’t give away too much, but will there be any other colorways releasing that we may not know about?

JP: To my knowledge, that’s pretty much all the V2′s that are gonna be released. I think you guys may have seen them all by now. There may be an opportunity for one more special one, possibly around All-Star, but that remains to be seen.

SN: In your Facebook chat the other day, you mentioned that a Dolphins colorway of the V2 was created but probably won’t release.  Is that because it’s too close to the ‘Pre-Heat’ vibe?

JP: Well, it’s just that we’re still figuring out Miami and LeBron is still figuring out Miami and we just had a lot of other good colors and other stories that we wanted to tell. So since we did the South Beach thing already, we didn’t wanna come back to it so soon in that way. It just didn’t feel right for the rest of what we were trying to do. It looked sick, but we did probably twenty colorways and they all looked amazing. So we had to make some cuts somewhere I guess. (Laughs)

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