50 Sneaker Facts You Didn’t Know

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50 sneaker facts complex 01 50 Sneaker Facts You Didnt Know

The sneaker industry is a booming business, and thanks to the broadening of the ‘game’, these once small companies have become billion dollar empires, but not without some bits and pieces of loose change along the way. The rise to the top has been far from a smooth ride for all of these companies, and so Complex just compiled a great feature detailing 50 sneaker-related facts and bits of trivia that you might not have known. Information on New Balance’s curious numbered-model system, a signature athletic sneaker with the F-word, and the origin of Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ slogan are just some of the great figments of sneaker knowledge you can add to your sneaker-trivia arsenal, so check out a sampling of some of these interesting sneaker facts after the jump and head to Complex for the entire feature.

50 sneaker facts complex 12 50 Sneaker Facts You Didnt Know

Allen Iverson has a lifetime contract with Reebok, one that pays him seven million dollars a year.

50 sneaker facts complex 02 50 Sneaker Facts You Didnt Know

Reebok and Pharrell were once involved in legal battles, with threats of lawsuit, but the two side reconciled and went back into business together.

50 sneaker facts complex 09 50 Sneaker Facts You Didnt Know

LeBron James was almost a Reebok athlete until Nike went above ‘Bok’s $75-million contract and offered $90-million.

50 sneaker facts complex 03 50 Sneaker Facts You Didnt Know

Phil Knight considered naming the brand ‘Dimension 6′.

50 sneaker facts complex 04 50 Sneaker Facts You Didnt Know

In 1990, approximately 80,000 pairs of Nikes got lost at sea.

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