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Big sneaker releases don’t typically last for more than 30 minutes, but for the most publicly marketed ‘limited’ sneaker release of all time, Nike stretched it out a full ten days. Before we get down to the fun facts and number-crunching of all the bidding and auctions, let’s explore for one final time the far-reaching impactful grasp of the Nike Mag 2011. As Michael J. Fox explained to the millions of viewers during his interview with David Letterman, the Nike Mag 2011 auctions would bring out not only the sneakerhead community, but the Back To The Future fanatics as well as those in the Parkinson’s community. News of the Nike Mag 2011 was reported not only on sneaker sites, but on tech/gadget, pop-culture, and movie blogs, and were featured on a number of news programs across the nation, and very quickly, the Nike Mag 2011 established itself as one of the most memorably pop-culture virals of the year.

The Nike Mag 2011 auctions started off with a bang when U.K. hip-hop artist Tinie Tempah concluded the first live auction in Hollywood, CA by paying $37,500 for the shoes and the limited edition packaging. As expected the opening night of bids brought on the most bids as well as the most cash flow, with 5,389 bids and $911,927.34 in dollars raised for charity. As the auctions rolled on, the excitement began to settle and those who were serious about acquiring a pair of the Nike Mags employed a bid of auction bidding strategy, waiting for the proper days to maximize their dollar. The sixth day brought on the least amount of bids with a total of 3,117, and the seventh day brought on the least amount of dollars with a total of $488,076.90. The data further shows that the number of bids and dollars rose considerable during final two days of auction, as the panic of ‘missing out’ began to seep in. Unfortunately, we’re all ‘outta time’ for the auctions, but if you want to see all the data, we’ve got all of that for you below, courtesy of Mugen on NT. Thanks to RetroKid for the heads up.


Day 1 = $911,927.34
Day 2 = $647,539.91
Day 3 = $554,120.31
Day 4 = $508,077.50
Day 5 = $511,112.10
Day 6 = $492,481.97
Day 7 = $488,076.90
Day 8 = $499,851.16
Day 9 = $511,479.82
Day 10 = $570,523.52

Total = $5,695,190.53


Size 7 – High – $5,331.88 on Day 1,  Low – $2,300.00 on Day 6
Size 8 – High – $6,100.00 on Day 1, Low – $2,500.00 on Day 4
Size 9 – High – $6,300.00 on Day 1, Low – $3,050.00 on Day 5, 6 & 9
Size 10 – High – $9,959.00 on Day 1, Low – $3,200.00 on Day 6
Size 11 – High – $7,600.00 on Day 1, Low – $3,350.00 on Day 8
Size 12 – High – $8,100.00 on Day 1, Low – $3,100.00 on Day 7
Size 13 – High – $7,875.00 on Day 1, Low – $2,750.00 on Day 7


Day 1 – 5389
Day 2 – 3558
Day 3 – 3713
Day 4 – 3352
Day 5 – 3881
Day 6 – 3117
Day 7 – 3582
Day 8 – 3657
Day 9 – 3891
Day 10 – 4324

Total – 38,464


Day 1 & 2                       Day 3, 4, 5, & 6                   Day 7 & 8                       Day 9 & 10
Size 7 – Qty 13             Size 7 – Qty 6                      Size 7 – Qty 5                Size 7 – Qty 5
Size 8 – Qty 13             Size 8 – Qty 26                    Size 8 – Qty 26              Size 8 – Qty 26
Size 9 – Qty 30            Size 9 – Qty 32                    Size 9 – Qty 33              Size 9 – Qty 32
Size 10 – Qty 40          Size 10 – Qty 35                 Size 10 – Qty 36           Size 10 – Qty 38
Size 11 – Qty 30           Size 11 – Qty 25                  Size 11 – Qty 25            Size 11 – Qty 25
Size 12 – Qty 15           Size 12 – Qty 14                   Size 12 – Qty 14           Size 12 – Qty 13
Size 13 – Qty 9             Size 13 – Qty 12                   Size 13 – Qty 11            Size 13 – Qty 11

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Since it's sudden introduction late last night, Sneaker News has kept you on top of all the Nike Mag 2011 release information and updates, but the only thing that hasn't been set in stone is the actual price. That's because in an auction, an item with a selling price directly proportional to the demand, so prepare yourself to shell out at somewhere in the four-figures as some pairs have eclipsed $75,000.... ????????????????????????????????????


i thought i seen a bid on a pair of size 13 on the first day for 72,000 and it was even talked about on here and nice kicks what happened to that ?


....maybe I didn't come off the way I intended, I wrote my hateful diatribe with sarcasm sprinkled all over it. I am bummed that I didn't get a pair BuT that's ok and to be honest I WILL figure a way to get a pair ,as far as you SMH - you are an idiot - "real sneakerheads" as opposed to what "fake" ones - get my money right ? Boy - I bet u I make a better living than you AND I can prove it but that's not the point- we all have our threshold as far as money goes ...I may not be a famous rapper or a baseball player but I can hold my own, I should have just let a little bit more money go - live and learn - good for the charity but it doesn't mean I have to like losing this time. SARCASM- look it up SMH ....if you know what a dictionary is


how was the highest bid 9959 when tempah payed 37.500 dor his pair. am i missing something?


^^^ What a loser. If that was the case, the Charity would have lost, losers like you would have slanged on eBay and the shoe would lose its luster and exclusivity. Its for charity. CHARITY. Get you money right next time. Real sneaker heads got em.


Eff you Nike , blah blah blah for a good cause, I'm glad it's over cause I don't have to hear about tue shoe that I missed out on again and again - scree you Nike and screw you more because I know I'm gonna buy more of your product. Thanks for thinking of your loyal customers who slave over there hard earned cash to buy your shoes - and don't you think u could have raised more money by making more and selling them in shops? Again eff you guys..... When r the yeezy 2 coming out?


no but given these were for a charity for Michael J Fox was even better, plus you don't want to see every kid who hasn't seen the movie wearing these along with the sneakerheads...

club paradise
club paradise

great cause!! over 5 mill?? thats hats up!!!


tired of this shit

jo jo
jo jo

if these were a GR Nike would have made more money for MJF Charity. Shittin on all the real sneaker heads, im pissed.


Tempah got his pair at the live auction in the Montalban with the special plutonium case; $9959 was for the ebay auctions online


dude its for people with a DISEASE get your mind right, and i personally would hate this being a GR because have you forgot about the hypebeast?? rather it be on some rich guys feet then some kid at my school that wears em with ecko and upsa .....


Get off your fucking high horse already. Sure, it was a fan service to BTTF fans and Sneakerheads to make the Mags, but it was to benefit Parkinsons's research above all else. I wish I could have gotten a pair myself, but I'm not wining about it because I know ALL of the money will go to charity, and thats what matters. I had 2000 set aside to buy them, but didn't get them. Know what I did with that? I donated it anyways. Grow up.

Karlis Svoks
Karlis Svoks

imagine how stupid would it be if everyone were walking around in these

Paul Casey
Paul Casey

Get over it and do the math, gr would have generated no where near as much for the charity, If they were gr Nike would be taking their cut and they would have been over $200 a pair with only a fraction of that going to the charity as Nike covered their costs. Remember the amount is being doubled by Google.

jo jo
jo jo

better than wearing lame ass Kobe VI's

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