Celebrity Feet: Jerry ‘Turtle’ Ferrara – Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Loon’

October 19th, 2011 by | 14 comments

celebrity feet turtle nike sb dunk low loon 01 Celebrity Feet: Jerry Turtle Ferrara   Nike SB Dunk Low Loon

Jerry Ferrara, or better known as ‘Turtle’ of the hit show Entourage, was spotted in New York City with girlfriend Alexandra Blodgett. If you’ve been following the show throughout its history, you’d be well aware of Turtle’s gradual and impressive transformation from portly sidekick to lean machine, but one thing that hasn’t budged is his gluttonous attitude toward sneakers. During this late-night sighting, Turtle was wearing the Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Loon’, which didn’t quite match his Black and White suit and tie nor his girlfriend’s figure-hugging silver dress. We’ve got some additional shots of Turtle and his girl after the jump, so take a look and let us know what you think. via Complex.

celebrity feet turtle nike sb dunk low loon 02 Celebrity Feet: Jerry Turtle Ferrara   Nike SB Dunk Low Loon

celebrity feet turtle nike sb dunk low loon 03 Celebrity Feet: Jerry Turtle Ferrara   Nike SB Dunk Low Loon

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The shoes have white and black, just like the suit, shirt, and tie. The green just adds a little extra flair. I'm actually wanted people that likes the loons a lot, before they release, as well as after they released, unlike most people who tried to say they gave up on them. Doesn't black and white match with pretty much everything? I think the added green looks pretty good. Although the new and recently pushed back entourage dunk lows is what all of you wanted to see, I don't think Ferrara was thinking about whether or not all of us care what sneakers he wears with his suit. I do think the Entoirage's would've looked better with the suit, but I'm not excited to see Ferrara/Turtle wear them, nor am I disappointed he didn't. But I def wanted to comment on the loons not matching the suit. I mean who do you guys hire to write these articles?? In almost all the articles on this site have a bunch of misspelling, missing words, or bad/wrong information about upcoming shoes, as well as some certain releases. I mean seriously, do you pay these people who write these things? Cuz they either seem like a 4th grader typing, or someone who has no sense of actual style.....no good


who cares if he doesnt match... he has a chick and a funny ass show, well he used to. I wouldve wore cut off shorts with tube socks if i had his career


eh.... It matches to me. If you are into the suit and sneaks look.


Alexandra Blodgett <--- hot babes

ny kid
ny kid

nice jerry... its neil from the gym bac in burbank

guest a po
guest a po

wow that blonde looks edible from head to toe holy shit Nice fit as well Turtle //WINNING//


he looks a bit like that jersey dude but the classy version

J Hayz
J Hayz

Curious as to why he's not rocking the Entourages? Would be a perfect match!

jo jo
jo jo

And her name is......

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