Asics Gel-Lyte Speed – Holiday 2011

November 7th, 2011 by | 4 comments

asics gel lyte speed holiday 2011 Asics Gel Lyte Speed   Holiday 2011

Given the outlook of the next couple of months sneaker wise, it’s safe to say that many of our readers have visions of Jumpmen dancing around in their heads. Let it be known though that you are sleeping if you haven’t been keeping an eye out for all the heat Asics has in store. Taste makers like Ronnie Fieg and Patta have shown you whats up, but don’t forget the strong in house designs like the Asics Gel-Lyte Speed shown here. Coming in two clean colorways, this split tongue retro runner is one that doesn’t pop up too often. We’ve got a full look at both pairs after the jump, so check that out and then head over to Patta to cop, and check your local stateside Asics retailer to get yours.

asics gel lyte speed white lime 02 Asics Gel Lyte Speed   Holiday 2011
asics gel lyte speed white lime 01 Asics Gel Lyte Speed   Holiday 2011
asics gel lyte speed black white 02 Asics Gel Lyte Speed   Holiday 2011 asics gel lyte speed black white 01 Asics Gel Lyte Speed   Holiday 2011

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You obviously don't know kicks if you are hating on Asics. Your just another regular person claiming to be a "sneakerhead". You probably love Jordan's and Foamposites, like every other dude out there who claims they aren't a hypebeast, but then they try to hate on an awesome sneaker, and one that you rarely see, because no one talks about Asics really, and most think it's just some regular shoe.....If you really loved sneakers, and we're a true fan of kicks, then you would know that these Asics are legit, as are all Gel Lyte Asics. They are an OG sneaker, that has been making a comeback lately. They are limited, and if people like Patta are doing collabo's with Asics, then that should tell you right away, that Asics is doing something right and maybe you should check more of them out. I'd rather be wearing the black/yellow/grey pair of Gel Lyte Speeds than some shitty Black Cement 3s that Everyone and their mother is wearing right now, and will be for the next year or so. I have the 2001 Blk cements and those are actually ok, but these new ones are horrible. My brother got a pair, and the left shoe was twice as shiny as the right shoe, and had leather that was more tumbled than the right shoe. They looked like they were from two diff pairs. So bad, and they sold out immediately. It just shows you how many people there are like you out there. They just like what people tell them to like. These OG Asics are legit. Not gonna say I like em more than my 01' cements, but they are def dope, and your not gonna see ten people wearing the same sneakers as you when you go outside, like you do when you wear some new Jordan's. Open up, and give every sneaker a chance. And if you saw those Gel Lyte Speed's on someone's feet, you'd probably realize what I'm talking about. Why do you think Asics has all of a sudden made a sick comeback, and started putting out dope collabo's. Stop hating, and show some respect. Just cuz someone said they liked them, doesn't mean you can try and get all tuff and tell the person to shut up and get the hell outta here. Just state your opinion on the kicks, and say you disagree. I think it's real funny how people come on here trying to talk trash and get tuff when they are sitting at home behind a computer screen. Like I said, just state your opinion if you'd like, and that's it. Show some respect, and maybe you'll get some respect in return. Oh, and stick to your Jordan's and foams, leave the dope kicks to people who actually know what a true sneaker is. Thanks buddy....

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