Gourmet Dignan

November 27th, 2011 by | 11 comments

gourmet dignan grey white Gourmet Dignan

Dignan isn’t just a name associated with 50 year plans.  It’s also about realizing in the here and now that the winter months are hell on your sneaker collection, and the time has come for sneakerheads to be sufficiently aware of traditional fashion so as to take advantage of the vast array of time tested winter-ready boot designs.  Gourmet has been ahead of the curve on a variety of these boot-borrowing hybrids, particularly the duck variety, and their latest again pushes the envelope on weatherproof lifestyle kicks.  The Gourmet Dignan applies a ripstop nylon shell that’s zipped and then cinched shutatop a sole that looks like it could have come from Nike Running’s Zoom Structure series.  It’s one of the most surprisingly outlandish releases of the holiday season, a feel furthered by the unassuming and ever versatile grey and white palette.  Check them out in greater detail after the jump, then grab a pair from Gourmet emporiums like Allike.

gourmet dignan grey white 1 570x400 Gourmet Dignan

gourmet dignan grey white 2 570x400 Gourmet Dignan

gourmet dignan grey white 3 570x400 Gourmet Dignan

gourmet dignan grey white 4 570x400 Gourmet Dignan

gourmet dignan grey white 5 570x400 Gourmet Dignan

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Has potential but need to see on feet. Would love to see another color besides grey


i was actually really excited for these when i saw the pics a few months ago. looks like a totally different kind of ripstop nylon. these look like shit now. I feel like gourmet has a knack for about to releasing pics of an upcoming shoe and then ruining them with a small tweak. DAMN =/


I like 'em. Sorta has a Visvim FTB vibe about them with the general shape


These suck so bad. Whats with the napsack covering the shoe? Gourmet Dignan, you guys suck. Idk who would buy this $225 shoe. Dumb


Gourmet fell off...they could of been selling their shoes in Barneys if they didn't sell out. You can find these for $40 bucks. Not these particular shoes, but give or take in 3 weeks you can lol. As far as quality, their shoes are disgusting.


wouldn't u wanna protect that suede material on the outside too? and it'd be cool if the covering wars removable so u could take it off and put it back on as u please




fire..originality, cleanness, and practicality the perfect storm


Gourmet x Snuggie collab? Just kidding, it is interesting though, not mad at it for some reason


exactly what I was thinking...'yeah, we gotta do something to protect that mesh...fuck the suede"...smh

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