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Nike Zoom Kobe VII System Supreme – Release Reminder

December 21, 2011 BY / 9

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Evolution is defined as a procession of change or growth over a period of time. Sometimes, evolution has the unpredictable tendency of leap-frogging a few steps, carrying out unforeseen advancements that tighten the boundaries of survival. One such leap can be traced back to the creation of the Nike Zoom Kobe V; it created new conventions of performance basketball design by adapting key details from the sport of international football (soccer), implementing the low-cut construction and a rigid heel counter that has been the standard for top-flight comfort in a sport that relies so heavily on speed and lightweight performance. The Kobe V was tailored directly to Kobe Bryant’s game, who relied on rapid cuts and electrifying bursts of speed on the hardwood; soon after, the low-cut basketball shoe then became less of an acquired taste and more of a mainstream fit, marking the Zoom Kobe V as one of the revolutionary basketball sneakers of all-time. It’s been just two years since the debut of the Kobe V, but the conventions of Nike Basketball are about to be shaken up once again.

With the Nike Zoom Kobe VII System Supreme, evolution has experienced another jump forward; by introducing interchangeable cushioning units never before seen in any other Nike Basketball sneaker in history, the Nike Zoom Kobe VII provides a truly tailor-made fit for basketball players of all types. The Attack Fast (Leopard) takes advantage of the low-cut, lightweight construction while utilizing the unparalleled Zoom Air on the forefoot and heel to keep the foot properly cushioned. The Attack Strong (Great White Shark) features the same cushioning foundation, but introduces a higher-cut ankle cuff engineered with padded power-stretch material that keeps the foot locked down for intense battles in the trenches. While designed to the specifics of Kobe Bryant, the Nike Zoom Kobe VII System Supreme truly allows any player of any style to maximize his or her performance at any coordinate on the hardwood; by essentially doubling its power with the multi-option cushioning, the Nike Zoom Kobe VII System Supreme has created a unique standard of performance basketball while leading the charge of a rising torrent of new-age designs. Get ready to lace up in one of the most game-changing sneakers ever created because Nike Zoom Kobe VII System Supreme will officially hit Nike Basketball retailers like Primitive tomorrow, or pick up a pair now on eBay.

Black/White-Del Sol-Stealth

 eBay Marketplace Logo "Nike LeBron 12 What The SE"
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They have something with the cushioning system that makes me want both. I play most of my ball outside and I would like to have something different from the mids I work with all the time. I think I will be getting them both! Nice!!


KD cares more about his fans than Kobe does his. Why?? $94.99 plus tax vs $179.99 plus tax. You do the math.

Rick "rosay" Ross
Rick "rosay" Ross

Ha ha.. listen up fellas. My "banana" would get harder and harder with these babies on! Definite cop X 5! I'm gonna jerk off now so fuck y'all~

William Laymbere
William Laymbere

Hold up, what?! A gigantic corporation only cares about making money?! Well, ho-ly-fucking-shit, I think you've really stumbled upon something here. Jackass.


This has nothing to do with this sneaker, but I was having a converstaion with a friend today about the price of dope sneakers ,and honestly to me nike sucks they dont care about us they just want to make money. Nike does stuff for charity and things like that yea I get it, but what about the average joe? what about guys that have been spending their hard earned money on nike products? I guess all corporations are the same. Nike aint give me shi* for christmas but higher prices.

Rick "rosay" Ross
Rick "rosay" Ross

..forgot to add....gimme Peter North and Tommy Gunn for some anal orgy til they rip my royal JEWISH hairy ass! BUT NIGGAH COCKS STILL MY FAV!!!!!!

Max B
Max B

William Laymbere is one of those guys that gets no vagina and after work just goes online, and takes his life frustrations out on people that make sense on the Internet, but I guess I'd do that too if I had to masturbate all the time and imagine what's its like to have friends. P.s. your buddy list on any system or instant messenger does not count as real friends and please don't tell me you have a girlfriend Skype and a fleshlight does not count. Sincerely, Max B

car ramrod
car ramrod

no shit sherlock corporations have always been profit over people your gonna put captain obvious out of a job if you keep this up

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