Nike #KobeSystem – Level 5 Domination

January 27th, 2012 by | 10 comments

kobe system level 5 domination Nike #KobeSystem   Level 5 Domination

What if your days of success are behind you, and you’ve graciously retired from the game that you once dominated? According to Kobe Bryant’s Kobe System, domination can be achieved in any setting. In the Level 5 seminar of the Kobe System, Kobe Bryant instructs NFL great Jerry Rice to dominate retirement by essentially dominating anything in life. Breakfast, art, waffles, the sun, kickflips – all can be dominated with the key ingredients of the Kobe System, but some in the crowd don’t seem to be affected by Kobe’s message just yet; Kanye West can be seen dozing off during this portion of the Kobe System seminar, only to be awaken by the raucous applause at the end of the lecture. Check out the Level 5 video below and stay tuned to Sneaker News for the final two levels of the Kobe System.

0 Nike #KobeSystem   Level 5 Domination

kobe system level 5 domination 1 Nike #KobeSystem   Level 5 Domination

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hahaha if Kanye wasnt in these videos they would not be nearly as funny


yea the first one was pretty funny but now they straight up suck. (Dominate your wife Vanessa, by bringing her ass back and not making a fortune with all that dough she's gonna get from you Black Mamba LOL)


how much are we gonna hear about this 'Kobe System'? and its funny that Kobe is talking domination...shouldnt it be LeBron who talks about that?

OG Son God
OG Son God

Yo the money this dude is gonna have to pay is nothing in the grand scheme of things. I say give her that little change and then go out and get a white chick.......LOL


Whens the last time Lebron scored 40+ in 3 straight games?


What? You either live in Miami, or related to Lebron, because only a huge fan or a relative would say something like that so ridiculous. Lay off the espn top 10 plays and watch the actual game.

OG Son God
OG Son God

doesn't Lebron have to win a ring first?

where my car?
where my car?

When was the last time He had Dwade and Bosh on his team?

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