NBA Feet: Around The League – 1/30 – 1/31

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nba feet 2 1 12 NBA Feet: Around The League   1/30   1/31

What a way to close out the month of January! Just last night, Sneaker News showed you Ray Allen’s insane Air Jordan XIII PE in Black/Green, but that wasn’t the only notable sneaker sighting from the past two days. Al Harrington of the Denver Nuggets sported a Nike LeBron 9 iD colorway of Gold/Black, while C.J. Miles of the Utah Jazz wore a great colorway of the Nike Zoom KD III iD. Chris Paul wore a Blue/Red colorway of the Jordan CP3.V, while teammate Blake Griffin wore Kendrick Perkins’ face on his feet (actually the Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011). The Knicks finally got back to winning ways, with Amare Stoudemire sporting a nice PE colorway of the Nike Air Max Sweep Thru, and Derrick Rose and the Bulls bounced back from the loss with their leader wearing the adidas adiZero Rose 2.5. Next to Ray’s XIIIs, the sighting of the two nights might be Earl Clark’s Royal Foams. Check out all the NBA action from the last two days of January below, and stay with Sneaker News as we keep you in tune with all of NBA Feet for the month of February! via ESPN.

nba feet 2 1 12 41 NBA Feet: Around The League   1/30   1/31

nba feet 2 1 12 40 NBA Feet: Around The League   1/30   1/31

nba feet 2 1 12 39 NBA Feet: Around The League   1/30   1/31

nba feet 2 1 12 38 NBA Feet: Around The League   1/30   1/31

nba feet 2 1 12 37 NBA Feet: Around The League   1/30   1/31

nba feet 2 1 12 36 NBA Feet: Around The League   1/30   1/31

nba feet 2 1 12 35 NBA Feet: Around The League   1/30   1/31

nba feet 2 1 12 34 NBA Feet: Around The League   1/30   1/31

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4th page last picture. lol


I like those blk green 13 PEs Allen wearing better than the white green ones


once again, Ray Allen comin thru with some mean ass Js..


People stop it already with Blake's so-called dunk. Using the dictionary to define the term... Really? That means a downward hook shot is a dunk. When you have to go to the dictionary that's when you know you already lost the argument. Jordan and Brady great players, no debating that. Tim tebow great player? Debate. Blake's dunk? Debate. There's reasons why people are debating his dunk as the best of all time. ESPN loves sparking up attention on unworthy issues. This dunk is better than Vince Carters olympic dunk over another player...

Jon Russo
Jon Russo

iiiight i see Enes Kanter in concords !


LOL thats just racist, u saying all black ppl look the same


That's Al Harrington u dumb fuck...


Best dunk is when Kobe t-bagged Dwight Howard, I think

dead astaire
dead astaire

It was a dunk, not the best of all time, but a dunk nonetheless. His hand hit rim. It was more of a "flush" type of dunk, not a "smash" type of dunk that includes a rim hang. You have to also note that the only reason he couldn't "smash" it was because he was fouled on the play. Perkins jumped into Blake and when they met in mid-air, Blake was pushed away from the rim, resulting in him just getting a touch of the rim rather than a handful of it.


Slam dunk... Sorry needs to be a rim shaker in my opinion to get any attention paid to it, hence the term slam dunk. Because he was fouled is why he didn't make the play spectacular? That's the whole reason why people paid attention to the bucket because of the foul by Perkins. If he really slammed it on him. Not blakes best dunk

dead astaire
dead astaire

the contact is why he couldn't get a good hold of the rim bro, its simple physics, ever heard of "inertia", if Perkins doesn't make contact, then you would get the "rim hanger" you want, but that wasn't the case, Perkins contact in the air interrupted Blakes momentum toward the basket, resulting in the "flush" he pulled off.

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