Reebok Dibello Stud Mid

February 1st, 2012 by | 4 comments

reebok dibello stud mid 02 570x379 Reebok Dibello Stud Mid

We’ve seen a range of folks try to pinpoint the inspiration of this latest Reebok design ever since we started showing them off. Ato Matsumoto, Christian Louboutin, and Michael Jackson have all been brought into the discussion at some point, showing that this studded sneaker has apparently struck a chord with quite a number of you. Now that they are finally upon us though, are you copping? Let us know in the comments below if you think Swizz Beatz is doing a good job over at the Vector Brand (since that whole Mega Upload gig didn’t work out for him). Hit the jump for the extra shots and grab the Reebok Dibello Stud Mid now from Extra Butter.

reebok dibello stud mid 01 570x379 Reebok Dibello Stud Mid

reebok dibello stud mid 03 570x423 Reebok Dibello Stud Mid

reebok dibello stud mid 04 570x379 Reebok Dibello Stud Mid

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I am feeling them and will definitely be buying a pair. Style and fashion is about being unique and trying new trends in an effort to stand out, be different and show your versatility. It is not about buying the same retro Jordans in a different colorway every 3 years because everyone in your friend circle is doing it. That is being lame. But some people never grow up and mature.

Dirty Truth
Dirty Truth

Word.. Garbage!! Why would any one hire Swizz Beats to be there designer is beyond explanation, cause dude was never some one anybody looks at for fashion inspiration... He looks like a Fucking Duck every time you see him, and they get that dude to design kicks???? Then to top it off, all he can do is blatantly bite other peoples shit!! Not saying that other designers don't draw inspiration from other designers work, but Swizz Beats is No body in the game of Style and Fashion.. Now his women on the other hand!! LOl

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