Air Jordan 2012 Performance with Tinker Hatfield

February 18th, 2012 by | 9 comments

air jordan 2012 performance with tinker hatfield Air Jordan 2012 Performance with Tinker Hatfield

“We always start with performance. We always start with trying to make a better basketball shoe.”

One of the reasons true genius is so rare, is that those capable of bar-setting achievements are very likely to be unable to describe exactly how they got there. In the case of a groundbreaking designer, it’s a bit more likely that they’ll be able to guide you through the process, and in the case of someone with as much experience as Tinker Hatfield, coming up with new neckbreakers is now down to a science.  Tinker and Tom Luedeke began the Air Jordan 2012 with superior on-court action in mind, and were able to offer the most complete set of personalization options ever on a basketball shoe, all while incorporating inspiration from Portland’s classic ‘Jumptown’ jazz scene. Click through to hear more of what went into the AJ2012 and stick with Sneaker News for upcoming release dates. via Eastbay

0 Air Jordan 2012 Performance with Tinker Hatfield

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when they had the dvd with the 23s four years ago it was alright and it was believable , but that bs they were talking about when the 2010s came out and all that see threw his opponent BS and now this BS . even if the last few years the sneakers were ugly but they looked like the signature model, this one looks like some team shoe. geeezzz can the jump man on the side get any bigger. good they're on nike id, i don't have to put up with their crazy color ways, year of this and year of that gimmicks. comes with 1000 different insoles yet someone is really going to ball in them.


too bad tinker doesn't play basketball


the unc's aren't that bad

k chinn
k chinn

The sketches look better than the actual product! IDK this kinda makes me want a pair, but I wouldnt dare pay retail, just like all the others past the 21. smh


Too bad the shoe looks like shit!

rebecca black
rebecca black

i could watch this guy talk about shoes allllll day

Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane

do you masturbate to him too?!!! BURRRR!!!!!

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