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Nike SB/6.0 – New Packaging

March 13, 2012 BY / 16

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Nike SB enjoyed a solid 10-year run, producing some of the most collectible footwear models while introducing a ton of great pro models bearing the names of Eric Koston, Paul Rodriguez, Stefan Janoski, and several other prominent riders in the burgeoning skate scene. SB is undoubtedly deserving of much of the credit for blossoming the sneakerhead sub-culture of rabid collecting and hunting particularly of the Dunk, but since mid-late 2006, the overall pace of Nike SB became noticeably slower while the Action Sports-specific Nike 6.0 started to gain steam. Earlier this year, Sneaker News discussed a number of notable changes to the Nike SB and 6.0 line that were planned for 2012, with signs pointing to a merge of sorts into one overall wing of Action Sports footwear and products, and this latest development proves that these changes will arrive sooner than later.

Here we have a look at what appears to be the new sneaker box for Nike’s Action Sports footwear models; it features a tan/brown exterior, much like the Nike Sportswear boxes, with a newly designed box-tag without any signifying of ‘SB’ or ‘Skateboarding’. According to N-SB, all of the signature models that were previously under the SB and 6.0 wing will come housed in this new packaging sans SB/6.0 designation and will be distributed to chain/mall retailers for wider distribution. Additional notes from the rumor mill state that the Janoski pro-model will also shed the SB tag, while classics like the Dunk, Blazer, and new Team Edition will remain in local shops. Last year, Sneaker News reported the news of a new red/white Nike SB box that was scheduled to debut in June of 2011, but that story never unfolded (and perhaps never will). Your thoughts on the changing scope and possible end of Nike SB/6.0? Let us know your thoughts below. via spottampa

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Isn't the whole point of Nike SB to support local Skate shops?

Daniel M
Daniel M

Biggest bunch of bullshit I've ever heard. Fuck Nike.

Amaury Tybg Garcia
Amaury Tybg Garcia

sure lately the shoes have been bland, but at least they were still exclusive to skate shops. so when i went anywhere i still got the "hey where u get those". now its gonna be like with the jordans nd foamposites, everybody and their grandma are gonna have a pair.


it's all about the money, money, money. nike is corporate even if the designers want to keep it core their ultimate motive in business is about the money... which is bad for the skate community


This is a travesty. Shame on you Nike!


SB loosing steam is not about branding. What changed is that the concepts they had for the shoes decreased. Since most of the good stuff had a theme going like the papa bears, tiffs, heinekens, etc, people wanted to associate these things with the kicks they wear. Since they flooded the market with plain shoes the desire decreased. This strategy will just throw out a good opportunity. I say keep the SBs exclusivity and instead of changing the brand, why not put up something impressive for us to look out for.


This is f****'d. Hold it to a vote.


Keep it core i say! The 6.0's havnt got anything on sb's and it would be a shame to see the 2 factions merge just for sake of putting particular shoes in wider spreading stores. As a skater i like the fact that i specifically get my shoes from skateshops. Nike got a lot of bad press the first time round for 'not doing things properly'... Why run that risk again?


It may be selfish of me to feel this way, but I really hope the SBs don't go mainstream. With all the attention to Jordan and Nike Sportswear releases, SBs have been relatively underground so they weren't too difficult to pick up for most of us.


I think this is a bad idea. I wish they would just keep being exclusive. I love the box colors it make them unqiue and they are not any more. Soon people who care bout nike sb will b wear other sneakers cbeacuz of less creation.


who cares what colors the boxes are you cant wear the box as long as the shoes in the box are nice,comfortable and good quality the box dont matter

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