Reebok RealFlex Flight

July 1st, 2012 by | 8 comments

reebok realflex flight 4 570x390 Reebok RealFlex Flight

The Reebok RealFlex lineup is designed to mimic barefoot training without any of the risks involved with putting your soles directly on the street.  The lineup features more variety than you might expect from a series marked by lightweight flexibility, thanks in large part to the fact that even the beefiest designs also offer these ‘organic’ benefits.  The Reebok RealFlex Flight is the bulkiest we’ve seen so far, but its synthetic construction means the extra support and cushioning on display comes with only a minor cost in terms of curb weight.  Check them out in greater detail below and let us know which of the new crop of RealFlex runners and trainers looks best to you.  via SM

reebok realflex flight 1 570x380 Reebok RealFlex Flight

reebok realflex flight 2 570x380 Reebok RealFlex Flight

reebok realflex flight 3 570x373 Reebok RealFlex Flight


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When Nike made air, Reebok made ERS not hexalite and we are talking about stealing (you called reebok a thief) not making something different Face the facts? If adidas bought the air patent first Nike would have .... nothing the fact is that Nike took a risk at buying the idea of air and was lucky that is succeeded


So if Reebok files a lawsuit it has to be true? Here's what happened: Reebok designed a collapsable shoe that would be easier for travelling. Not a barefoot trainer. Nike incorporated Stanford's track team 's barefoot training principles into the Free. Nike has always been very open about this. Face the facts: Nike leads and Reebok follows. Nike makes Air, Reebok does Hexalite, Nike designs the Shox, Reebok makes the Zig Zag. Nike introduces Dri-FIT and Reebok mimics it with whatever they're calling their training apparel these days. And thank you for cursing at me Mike. You must really care about my opinion to get so riled up! I'm flattered!


You obviously dont know shit!!! Nike was sued by Reebok for the nike free cuz it was to similar to the tech that reebok introduced. And I'm not sure what heppened later, prolly nike payed off, or had hell of a team of lawyers


So not only has Reebok ripped off Nike's Free system a decade late, they've stolen the name of an iconic Nike Basketball line that's almost three decades old. Great job 'Bok! Way to stay ahead of the curve! Reebok has got to be the most derivative, uninspired sports company there is.


Reebok's finally got something here. Still way behind the game though


This comment is so ridiculously inaccurate I don't know where to start. Mike nailed you and the truth. Great products and great fit. I feel that Reebok is one of the most original shoe companies EVER!! But no one knows it because they lost their way in the 90's.

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