Foot Locker x Vibe – Dream Team Uncut: Episode 1

August 10th, 2012 by | 6 comments

foot locker vibe dream team uncut 1 Foot Locker x Vibe   Dream Team Uncut: Episode 1

All summer long we’ve seen both the sports and sneaker media pay homage to the 1992 Dream Team, be it via that 20th anniversary documentary or via the countless footwear releases tying in with that monumental squad. Foot Locker and Vibe have gotten together to do a little tribute of their own, one that in this first epsiode switches the focus around to get the opinion of people who weren’t on the team, gauging just how influential and important that summer was to the game of basketball at large. Click through to check out the video from host Jalen Rose featuring comments on the Dream Team from the likes of Terrell Owens, Matt Hasselbeck, JR Smith, Big Sean, Carmelo Anthony, and more and stick with Sneaker News for updates as the series continues.

0 Foot Locker x Vibe   Dream Team Uncut: Episode 1

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I like da way 2012 is built, even tho Dwight Howard & dwyane wade would been a better argument, da 1992 dream team would destroooooooooy dis yrs team. MJ, Scottie, Robinson, Ewing, chris Mullen, Karl Malone & Barkley all in their prime... a rejuvenated magic johnson Lock u down on defense... jus too much for any team to deal wit.... Now I understand dat teams around da world have a couple NBA players on their teams nowadayz hence better international competition but people nowadayz don't realize how rough & tough da NBA was back in da 80s & 90s. How u had to earn everythin & then when u played international ball, those games would b even more physical & da dream team would still win every game by an avg of 42 points... So its really no contest, not to say dis yrs team wouldn't compete cuz when u have bron, mamba, KD, melo & 2 great point guards, u will have a chance to make it a good run. But wit Robinson & Ewing & Malone & Barkley in da middle... magic, mike, Scottie on da perimeter. Clutch shooting frum Mullen, bird when his back wasn't hurtin & john Stockton (Christian lattener was irrevelent) was too much, hence da name


2012 usa team>1992 dream team

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