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“Galaxy” Nike Zoom Rookie – Glow in the Dark

August 15, 2012 BY / 10

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Remember how the Nike Air Foamposite One ‘Galaxy’ actually had some separate samples showing off a slightly altered version of the starry printed upper? Well as it turns out the next sneaker in line to get the ‘Galaxy’ look the Nike Zoom Rookie has some differing versions floating out there as well. What’s the difference? This tweaked version of the sneaker comes sporting a more thorough glow in the dark touch, the luminous treatment hitting on the pods that run along the side in place of the plain old black that we’ve seen recently. Click through to check out this alternate version of the ‘Galaxy’ Nike Zoom Rookie and stick with Sneaker News for word on which one will actually arrive on the September release date.

Photos: Marquee Sole

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maybe theyll release both versions and have the glow in the dark ones limitedd and the black pod ones  GR


I missed out on the KD's and Kobe's so hopefully i can get em. If not o well.


putting the galaxy colorway:  an attempt by nike to generate more sales for a shoe that didn't meet the projected numbers as far as dollar figures are concerned...


I wanna cop but I need a release date to start saving. Anyone have an idea of how much they'll be?


...the more I see these kicks the less i like them. Still might get my son a pair.


@Jigs If it's an attempt to make $$$$, why not make them a general release at stores EVERYWHERE instead of select locations in limited supply???? I'm just saying, according to basic marketing principals and the demand for this particular shoe, Nike would be taking a loss as far as profit goes. Not a gain


@LiamLouis I think between 200- and 220. Most rookies are 200$ retail


 @Tennessee1257  @Jigs

my bad, i missed the memo that this is not GR... i dont see it anywhere.  nevertheless, the basic principles of marketing does not apply here.  i dont see ads for this that nike would have spent a significant amount of money on to gain public exposure... i dont see it in billboards, nike's website, tv commercials, or other marketing outlets out there.  i see it mainly in sneaker websites such as this which nike probably did not spend a ton of money on (if any at all) to have it featured as such...      


as for the demand - not too many as far as the shoe model is concerned.  i see other colorways of this shoe still in stock at popular shoe outlets such as eastbay, footlocker, etc.  Hence, my comment that this galaxy colorway is nike's attempt to boost sales for this shoe.


and as far as taking a loss and not a gain - no matter how many nike makes, GR or Limited, they would make money off of it.  these are made in china.  nike pays a very small fraction of the msrp to produce these. do you honestly think nike would venture out on some joints that they would actually lose money on?  i think their execs are smarter than that...


but then again, these are all just my opinion. :)


@Jigs No, so far it's not a general release. Hopefully Nike will have a change of heart and make it so. I certainly don't want to see a repeat of the chaos of Feb. And last Dec. As far as business goes, basic principals always apply. The most important principle being supply and demand. In the Internet age, one doesn't have to spend major marketing $'s on an established brand. Use a web outlet, as such, plant the seed, watch it grow legs and sprint like Usain Bolt. Think about it, when is the last time you've seen a Jordan commercial on TV for an upcoming release? Now, demand. Demand can always be broken down into demographics. Just because a shoe doesn't do well in some areas doesn't mean it didn't in others. For example, military blue's and fire red 4's sold out in most markets. Go to Old Hickory Mall in Jackson, TN and I bet you wouldn't have a problem getting either in damn near any size. I'd bet my yearly salary that Nike/JB isn't hurting in the earnings Dept from these particular shoes. As far as gains and loses, I was just speaking generaly on the comparison of profitability between limited releases and general releases. We all know Nike isn't going to take a loss and hasnt taken one probably since the signing of MJ himself as a signature athlete. I'm just saying......

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