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Nike Air Force 1 Low “Team USA Gold Medal”

August 17, 2012 BY / 13

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With the games well over the Olympic sneakers must be done by now, right? Well not quite, after all we’re still waiting on the gold medal set from Nike basketball’s big three. Here’s another pair you can add to that list, an awesome Nike Air Force 1 Low release that dips the upper in an almost cement print and tops it off with some heavy gold sectioning. Click through with us for the full view and let us know if you’re feeling the latest Nike Air Force 1 to tie in with the 2012 London Olympics. As always, keep it locked on Sneaker News for word on whether or not they end up hitting at retail.

Photo: Fat Joe

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I like these Air Force Ones...What a way 2 honor the U.S


they are disrespecting the Olympics with these, what are these called the "Gold Medal Trash"  Come on nike I know AF1's are a brand staple but too many wack shoes that are just general release waste.  The Gold Medal Stands are a work of art as are %85 percent of the Supremes and Premium AF1's honestly Nike you need to shelve the $80 general releases they are what gives AF1's a bad name, keep it 100 the shoe is 30 years old at this point only release Fire.   AF1 are timeless perfection that the streets certified, not the internet.


Joey Crack loves him sum force 1s... they OK... da 1 wit da speckles could work if u make da bottoms gum, mayb a jeweled check...


These look horrible nike's just dropping w.e. and its been that way for a while but this year in particular takes it.


 @420King You probably posted the stupidest comment ever they want everyone to get into the Olympic spirit. They are a business Nike wants something to bring in the crowd. In order to confirm a product they made samples for these to see where this product is. I'm guessing they sold so that's why they made the sneaker in the first place. Nothing like having confidence in selling a product. You are whats giving sneaker enthusiast a bad name because why would you want a 100 dollar shoe over the 80 dollar one and stop crying and you go talk to nike. 420king you probably smoke crack on how stupid you are


 @TrueFlightJaysYour a sucka my man, let me break down your lame ass comment.  "They want everyone to get into the olympic spirit"  say what!?! So release a trash ass shoe for the masses?  Look lame ass dude I have 3 pairs of the medal stands because they  are straight fire and  the quality of the kicks.  Your broke talking about  giving sneaker enthusiast a bad name, lame I want quality and willl pay for it.  Lames kill me trying to sound like a Nike product rep, name a pair of general release AF1 lows that have dropped in the last 10yrs that are relevant?  I have over 100 pairs of premium, supreme, and NikeID AF1 that are all worn and in mint condition so trust me when I say Nike reaches out to cats like me for our opinions.  I respect this site for staying up on the new releases thus why I post.  I have no reason to post out of ego just information, and you say I smoke crack fam and am stupid? lol the internet is hilarious I could buy you and sell you clown, winners win and when you are up like I am and work hard to have establish yours in life price isn't an obsticle or even a thought.  Now who is stupid? and I cant wait for your reply and to hear what your smoking on?  I got time I punch my own clock clown. 



 @420King Yeah man stay fresh man at least we have the balls to say we're wrong. No Hate here only passion



 Its all about the sneakers bro, no hate in my blood fam I just dont like the name calling, we both respect the shoe nuff said. Nothing wrong with a little passion for our shoes be easy homey, I like LA rocking some PK right now. Be well.


 @420King thats nothing to prove you make 100k. Its just a site you searched up. I work for LA civil engineering company I make about the same but with tax deduction sorry for the hate comments but you seem like you are making something with buds huh. Man never mind about the shit talking I'm done here man do what you do I didn't want it to get like this. But nikes what it is



 An OG in your community? GTFOH clown where are you from I bet I get more respect where your from than you do.  Internet slander whoa you got me with the crackbaby,  fam real talk you just typed a long ass paragraph talking sh!t like a 7 yr old.  You want to go on and on fam lets do it, my username is 420king because I am the 420king heavy, kids on the boards no need to get reckless.  Check me out on ICMag.com fam and keep talking sh!t your an OG huh? Well I provide for my friends families what about you?  I rake well over 100k what about you?  talking about crackhead your a lame dog on everything?  Where you from, come on cousin we can take this to a diffferent forum if you really need clarity my dude.  I have been featured in High Times but you talk about "you smoke buds right" stay in your lane lame, this is waaaay over your head.  Lets just keep it to sneakers lame, you got your backpack on way too tight. Keep disrespecting and I will keep regulating thats the problem with lames and kids no rules and regulations.


 @420King You sound like a fucken dropout lame ass clown really.  You probably are loaded from selling some crack you crack baby. You're names 420 king what you smoke buds right. Just shut the fuck up kid I know you young kids think smokings cool and shit. But when smoking buds and drinking you see chicks hitting it. Maybe some but ugly ones and stink ones LOL. Cats really I know your young just by the way you are typing. Nike doesn't give a fuck about you dumbass you're just a buyer nothing else. Fam really you like following the crowd huh Cats 420King I have 100s of sneakers send me a photo than kid I used my hard earn money for mine. I don't even need to tell you how many kicks I have just send you email and I'll send you a pic kid. You don't know who I am huh kid i'm an Og in the community not like yourself claiming things on the internet about me being lame. All I know is that I don't spend money on drugs all I want is kicks and chicks no like you crack head. You work on you're own time because you're a hooker addicted to crack. GTFO only kids like you will still be complaining about the quality who are you to tell nike to make shoes you don't even know if these are confirmed yet idiot. This is sneakernews not nike. Go back to school on your short bus kid.

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