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Michael Jordan and “The Shrug”

August 30, 2012 BY / 14

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Michael Jordan’s greatness can be counted by all the historic moments and god-like accomplishments throughout his career. But even he’ll tell you that during some of these occurrences, there was no explaining as to how it was happening; it’s almost like an out-of-body experience of being in the zone, something that we’ve all at one point or another have been stuck in, whether its with shooting hoops, playing a video game, or doing some sort of repetitive, menial task. Sneaker News: Was It The Shoes? continues tonight with another look at a major moment in Michael Jordan’s career – the infamous ‘Shrug’ from Game 1 of the 1992 NBA Finals. Continue on for the full story, and don’t forget to catch the earlier Was It The Shoes? features if you’ve missed them!

Early on in Michael’s career, the three-pointer wasn’t an oft-used weapon in his arsenal. Up until the 1992 NBA Finals, Michael has never surpassed 100 three-pointers in a season – in fact, he’s only surpassed that figure twice in his entire career. Considering how much the mid-range jumper was essential to Jordan’s offensive dominance, it’s rather surprising that MJ never bothered with operating beyond the arc. What makes this particular feat so astounding was that during that ’91’-92 NBA Season, Michael Jordan hit 27 long-ball jumpers in total; that’s a rather unexceptional rate of one three pointer every three games! In addition, Michael Jordan holds the record for the worst 3-Point Shooting Contest Round, a feat that he ‘accomplished’ during the 1990 NBA All-Star Weekend.

Coming off their first-ever NBA Championship, the Chicago Bulls were heavily favored to return to the NBA Finals. Sporting an outstanding 67-15 regular season record, the Bulls entered the 1992 NBA Playoffs at full power and quickly stated their dominance by easily handling the Miami Heat in three games in the First Round. Jordan and Bulls faced an incredible test in the Conference Semi-Finals round, battling the rival New York Knicks for seven games, and went on to defeat the Detroit Pistons in the Conference Finals in a neat six. The Finals would be a clash between the Bulls and the Portland Trail Blazers, a team that like the Bulls, were just on the brink of Finals glory were it not for a Conference powerhouse – the Los Angeles Lakers in this case – in the way.

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jordan joined almost every event in the all star game, considering he's already a superstar at that time. he's not afraid to lose.


Love these specials your doing. The NBA Catalogue and Legacy its so great it amazing. But i love the way you guys put this piece together with the vids. Very nice touch. Plus it helps the younger ones understand the history and legacy of true Legends!


i'm going to put these right next to my DMP pair just so people know the difference (for whatever reason that they don't) 


you dont want the shrug


I'll be copping these on the morrow lol. Shouldn't be a problem for anyone


The main reason why I bought the Raptors that was releasing this weekend, and sold my DMP pack. I just didn't feel right with the DMP VIIs on my feet. Didn't feel like a piece of history, like I'm hoping the Raptors this weekend will. Can't wait to get mine.



 I recently traded my DMP's for a pair of DS Chicago 10's. I don't regret trading them away at all because I stopped wearing them. For whatever reason I wasn't really feeling them anymore and I rather my kicks versus sitting in the closest. Honeslty, they became my walk around the house and take out the garbage shoes.


@Kip2MyLou I thought I couldn't hear anything else out of this world til now. You telling me u sold ur jordans bcuz u didn't feel apart of history. That is so foolish u cats today taking this sneaker shit out of hand. Michael accomplished this we just watched, the shoes is gerenal are history but no jordan will be the same as the originals bcuz of the time and year it happen in. You didn't feel right with those on ur feet, thank god u ppl don't talk out in the real world like this bcuz would really not mess wit y'all. Over the internet ur not seen so its okay or around other sneaker junkies but to the everyday joe or the rest of mankind is so ridiculous. Last I kno u got or rocked kicks that were worst then those DMP's


 @ILLWILL0403 I wouldn't regret that either. The 10s look a lot better than the DMP 7s. 


 @hozezae  @Kip2MyLou Exactly. I bought the DMPs thinking they were close to the OG ones, but I was deadly mistaken. They like what the OG Raptors would look like after about 25 years, and I just didn't like that. So I sold them, and with that money bought the ones coming out these weekend. The Shrug is one of his greatest accomplishments, and I like buying shoes that mean something. Just like I bought the Olympic 7s, and like I bought the Space Jam 11 (Space Jam was my favorite movie as a kid.) People have reasons for doing things, and that's the great thing about sneakers; there's no right or wrong. Just do what you want. And you coming on here ranting about my comment. And of course I've rocked worse kicks than the DMPs, we all have. We all started out rocking kicks we didn't quite want or only had enough money for. There's wrong with that. And I'm not just saying this because I'm on the internet. I would tell you this same reason right to your face, but you seem like one of those guys who always has to have the last word. So you would probably just go me a bitch or some ignorant word, and walk away. Like that's any better than talking on the internet...


 @hozezae  @Kip2MyLou You must not know anything about history the dmp raptors have the grey charcoal which jordan didn't wear. So he wants the 2012 release because they are closer to the ogs even with the oval laces. Hozezae why are you replying without any facts in mind you are another kid that makes the community shy away from new comers. Also the dmps were garbage and couldn't hold up compared to the other 7s. SMH why are you talking about life it's about sneakers. Anyone can talk about life. Also the sevens are the shoe jordan won his 2nd championship so the ogs 7 really make you apart of history and the closes one are the 2012. One last thing I thought I couldn't hear anything else out of this world til now really. I hope you stay educated.


 @hozezae  @Kip2MyLou Also Hozezae you like feeling like you are important huh making opinions on every article stop looking at articles just to respond to some ones comment just fucken read the damn article. I can never hang with a guy like you thinking he is all smart and shit when you aren't Look at your account and read all you comments and recent activity. all you do is bitch like a girl replying to other peoples comments just come for the article. Because you need to be educated. Stop with the nonsense when you are causing it SMFH. GTFO

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