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Air Jordan V – Autographed Game-Worn Michael Jordan PE

September 6, 2012 BY / 11

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When the shots first surfaced of the 2013 Air Jordan V arriving with this colorway there was quite the celebration amongst Air Jordan devotees thanks to the lack of ’23’ embroidery on the back end. The Countdown Pack version of the sneaker slapped that on where the originals were clean in that respect. That is, of course, except for the pairs worn by Michael Jordan himself. Such a pair is shown here, with the white/black/fire red colorway also coming with a little collector’s upgrade in the form of Mike’s signature. Stay with us after the jump for a full gallery of this super rare Michael Jordan exclusive and let us know in the comments if this might make you rethink whether or not you want the ’23’ on the back of your Air Jordan V’s. Also, be sure to check out the auction for this original pair of Air Jordan V’s from cnoriega_2007 on eBay.

Michael Jordan Air Jordan V PE

Air Jordan V White Black Fire Red 23 PE

 eBay Marketplace Logo "adidas Yeezy Boost 350 "Moonrock""
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these are fakes og V's had a different looking 23 on the side.


I wish my kicks looked like this after a game of ball... 


I love people with listings like this that say "dont ask if these are authentic, they are 1000% authentic"... oh, ok... just take your word for it shall i? haha. How do you know he didnt just scribble on MJ's autograph himself? Where did it come from? How did you get it? Wheres the letter of authenticity? Kids are so gullible these days, they'll pay anything, for anything.


Look at how high they were cut back then. #classic


nothing beats that quality...absolutely nothing

Dixon Syder
Dixon Syder

 @EyeMrSway OG's didnt have 23 on the side, only Mike's did. They weren't released with a "23" until the countdown pack in this colorway.

Big Dix



 But yea man. "Don't ask if they're authentic"???  Are you kidding me???? By the way even these sellers with 99-100% feedback sell b-grades/defects. Pre-order?? From where??? Where do they get their pre-orders from?? Oh you have a gift receipt from foot action? I wasn't aware they did preoders. Hmmmmm. Oh yea they're authentic??? Well why do they differ from a footlocker pair by having 3 different flaws the FL pair doesn't have???? Just b/c other customers didn't complain doesn't mean they're not getting bgrades from these ebay sellers. If they don't have a major retailer(footlocker, champs, foot action, east bay, finishline or nike.com) pair to compare them to, then they won't notice the subtle defects/flaws/issues/inconsistencies a preorder might have. Don't get burned like me doin a pre-order from a highly rated ebayer. If they have a full size run on a preorder???? Somethings fishy. How do so many of these ebay sellers have access to a supplier who lets them preorder/reserve early?? They don't in my opinion. Due to the fact you need to get to retailers early so you have a chance to get a pair, I don't think these sellers could possibly hit even 2 different locations on release day, let alone be able to somehow drive all over town and accumulate a full size run to sell. They could be gettin supplied from one of these online stores that sell bgrades/defective/flawed pairs, which in my opinion are technically authentic. Which is why they say they're 10000% authentic. I could accept that if they were up front about the flaws, showing pictures of the flaws and taking them into account when pricing the shoes. In stead, they show perfect pictures that they got online, not of the actual shoes they'll send you. They go on to say they're not responsible for flaws in the shoe and that they don't accept returns. Great. so they're authentic b/c you say they are???? Its like that commercial. And I should trust you because you're not allowed to lie on the internet right???



 It looks like he has it there on the left. But if people can make counterfeit $100s, passports, driver's licenses, and birth certificates then I'm sure someone could figure out how to print one of those up. Why would anyone buy anything over $1000 on ebay???? The funny thing is this article shows a pic of the #12 jersey night and they have an article saying that since the bulls lost that game, that Jordan was salty and vowed he wouldn't sign any autographs that night.


@ABoog i disagree but to each its own. I just be glad when this quality shit fades out and ppl get back to copping shoes and dont mention quality. Back then we didnt care we just wanted the shoes but lately ppl do and the majority just jumping on the bandwagon like everybody else did. Ppl who never owned og's say quality was better back, ppl who wasnt born say that and especially now ppl judge pics on quality and dont even kno the specs of the shoe. Ridicolous let this nonsense stop.....but these are fire tho but im good with the 2013's releasing of the 5's.



 All this while charging rape prices! You're better off just gettin em at flight club, where you know they're legit. If you live in LA or NY you can physically go in, see the shoes, feel the shoes, and even try on the shoes. What a strange concept. To be able to actually try the shoes on and see the quality before you buy them. What a peculiar way to buy shoes.

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