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Classics Revisited: Air Jordan II Low – White – Midnight Navy – University Blue (2004)

September 19, 2012 BY / 11

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It’s not a widely known fact that the Air Jordan Low actually began when the Air Jordan started. The Air Jordan II was also an original pioneer of the low-top, but from III up until the XI the low-top didn’t return – and it’s no coincidence that the AJ3 is when Tinker Hatfield took over. The Air Jordan II with its Italian boot inspiration exudes the most ‘dress shoe’ impression among all the Air Jordans in history, with the croc-skin upper, perforations, and sleek piping along the upper. A low-top seemed fitting for the model, and thus the Air Jordan II Low happened rather seamlessly and its clear that the transition from Mid to Low was rather easy. This 2004 release introduced a new color scheme to the restricted Air Jordan II, bringing some Tar Heel flavor with the Midnight Navy/University Blue colorway. At $100, this Air Jordan Retro Low was rather popular during its initial release in late 2004, and like many of the Air Jordans from the pre-2005 era, is tough to find in deadstock condition. Your thoughts on our Classics Revisited selection for the night?

Air Jordan II Low
White/Midnight Navy-University Blue

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Man O' Man I wore these to class Everyday freshman year, i rotated these and the white and red ones 


Man i miss these, first pair of jay's i bought after boot camp. too bad i beat em up.


Not gonna lie, this is my favorite Jordan of all time. It was comfortable, it had a nice, clean colorway and with standard materials, was pretty easy to keep clean. I've bought this shoe three separate times (after I wore the other pairs out of course) and I still buy everytime I see my size in deadstock condition. I wish this would come back so much, just so I could stock up again. Great choice Sneakernews, it's nice to see a previously released sneaker that doesn't come bridled with hype get a little attention now and again.


And to dsuaveallday, I get the complaint of it not being shaped like the original IIs, but this shoe was COMFORTABLE! not sayin' the other weren't, but this one was my main beater for two years straight. Walked the sole out of that piece. Loved them.


I meant These weren't shaped like the OG 2 lows from the 80s. The new style sucked.


Ahh I remember these from late 2004, so wack. They weren't even shaped like the OG 2s from the 80s. This is not a Classic IMO.


 @Thigh_pillowz  yea i remember when i was in the 10th grade and all we used 2 wear was j's and af1's in the D.didnt really have the 140-150 so these low tops was perfect.The toe Never creased and u can wear them almost everyday because they matched with just about everything and where pretty comfortable too


 @DwayneJenkins dont remember if mine creased but the way i was ballin and runnin in em they had to. that and the grip was mad low after a while. wish i could find a pair.


 @DwayneJenkins  @StevenBillingslea Yes, I know it's not a popular choice, but I really loved this shoe. It looks real clean and casual but also felt amazing. I know there wouldn't be any midnight line ups for this one, but I honestly don't need that kind of validation. This was THE shoe for me. Loved it.


@DwayneJenkins I agree with the black and chromes, missed out on those for some reason or another. as for 9's theres a few cw i enjoy but not so much the CG's. only like the 3 and 4's in that cw.


 @Thigh_pillowz  yea the only 2's i want r the black and chrome high tops(w/black nubuck) and these rite here.just like how the 9's only have a few c.w.'s that make the look nice.like the cool grey,ftlotg nd a few more. (imo)

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