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Nike LeBron X+ “Crown Jewel”

September 20, 2012 BY / 16

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The Crown Jewels have escaped the Tower Of London and landed on this upcoming release of the Nike LeBron X Plus. Everything about the Crown Jewels represents royal blood and symbolize the centuries-long heritage of English rule, a daunting concept that’s fit for a milestone piece of Nike history like the Nike LeBron X. Featuring a rich red wine upper with a speckled midsole and hints of Fireberry pink on the outsole and visible Dynamic Flywire lace-loops, the LeBron X ‘Crown Jewel’ also features the royal crown and sceptre graphic on medial heel triangle. A closer shot of this logo is just below, so give it a look and stay tuned for the historic release this Saturday.

Photos: josephteegardin

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Filed under: LeBron Upcoming Sneakers


Crazy only 10 locations... maybe 10-12 pairs per store? Even at 20 pairs per store that still only 200 pairs.. I doubt any store has more than 50 pairs per store.. Still only 500 pair max.. I can't believe these are so limited... I don't understand  how this is gonna stop re-sellers? 


Those of us who really want this shoe to wear & don't live anywhere near these stores will once again be left out or have to pay rape to re-sellers.


Maybe everybody crying over the $270 price tag has forced Nike to only make 500-1000 pairs of the Nike + per colorway. I can only expect that the best colorways are only going to be Nike+ only as Nike has already confirmed that not every colorway will be available in both + & non+ versions... & only certain colorways will be Nike + exclusive.


Thanks alot to everybody who cried about the price. Now the select few who live in major cities will have access to the best colorways & re-sale for rape... while the rest of us will be stuck with $180 versions that everybody will have on their feet.


Good Luck getting that Hypebeast South Beach colorway now.... 



...these i can do without.


270 usd + exclusive release + resellers = 700 usd resale price. 

J crack
J crack

I like the carbon colorway so far! Can't wait to see the cool grey 10s


Notice how all these faggots want these shoes now... because their limited and people now wanna only cop because they wanna resell.... fuck these resellers/2012 Hybrid wanna be sneakerheads!


This shoe goes DUMB! but damn bro who the F&#K is paying the ticket if your not reselling??

I know ppl have a little cash to throw around but this shoe is not worth 270 + tax i dont care who you are.

Kev Loco
Kev Loco

The Cutting Jade is still the best colorway!


 @Sneakerhead2320 Dudes like you are really annoying man. Nobody wants to hear you cry. IF you want the shoes so bad then take a greyhound or some ISH to wherever they're being sold and make sure you have a chance. Most of them are being raffled off (thats how they're stopping resellers) BUT REAL resellers will buy them off the idiots who win (hype resellers) and STILL get killer prices for them. Limited to 250 pairs, this is a collectable item and if you're not serious about your kick game then you don't deserve to own it. Thats the game, stop crying herb OR get a J.O.B and pay the resellers to ship it to you in the middle of NO WHERE. You must have a sneaker for a head cuz you sure don't have a brain. SMH


 @heat_meiser haha, rolled eyes, closed page, opened page back up a day a half later and commented on some other guy's post! Somebody is dreaming about this shoe ;) and that somebody is you!


 @heat_meiser  @Sneakerhead2320 I'm not, I don't complain about prices like all you broke ass fools.. It don't matter how much the shoe is at retail I'll buy it because it's what I like .. I don't cry because Nike raised prices...


I don't roll my eyes & close the page because I "Think I'm too cool" for this shoe.. If you didn't like the shoe or weren't curious about it you wouldn't have read the article.  


I get upset at everybody crying over prices & now Nike won't give everybody a chance to buy what they want.. Do me a favor & stick to wearing your Vans or your 2012 retro J's, Diamond supply shirt & Neff snap back...


This shit here for grown folk with money to burn... 



I stay informed, but this particular shoe is not for me.

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