Air Yeezy 2 + Air Mag Sneaker Hypebeast Art by ROM

September 27th, 2012 by | 12 comments

hypebeast art rom Air Yeezy 2 + Air Mag Sneaker Hypebeast Art by ROM

What exactly is a hypebeast? It’s a term that’s been around for over a decade and happens to be the name of a well-respected urban culture/streetwear e-publication, but it isn’t necessarily used as a term of endearment. If anyone can remember those ‘hypebeast’ drawings from 2004 and beyond (an annual piece-by-piece detail of such an individual), you’d be well aware that a hypebeast is an uncontrollable animal feasting on whatever is ‘hot’ in materialism – mired in a cycle of ‘following’ and perhaps devoid of individual taste.

According to artist and sneaker customizer ROM The World, two sneakers that might’ve coerced the inner extreme hypebeast is the Air Yeezy 2 and the Nike Mag 2011; using his distinct style, ROM has created two awesome pieces of artwork titled the Yeezy 2 Hypebeast and Air Mag Hypebeast, in which he transforms the sneakers into rabid creatures ready to devour anything hype-worthy in sight. Do you agree with ROM’s assessment that the Mags and Yeezy 2s are the most hyped sneakers in recent memory? Check out full shots of his work below (it’s worth hypebeasting over) and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

nike air yeezy 2 hypebeast rom Air Yeezy 2 + Air Mag Sneaker Hypebeast Art by ROM

nike mag 2011 hypebeast rom Air Yeezy 2 + Air Mag Sneaker Hypebeast Art by ROM

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Ds yeeezy II solar for 115O$ sz1O DS yeeezy II platinum sz9.5 for 118O$ Ds air mags sz1O for 3K inbox me    facbook     Sam Biig Snek


The artwork is done well and I completely agree with it


lmaoI see the Yeezys but being a child that loved shoes but couldn't afford shit and watching the BTTF movies, thinking thats what shoes will look like in the future, and then the actual manifistation of the shoe. I'd love to have a pair of Air Mags but I'm still not rich and but when they release to the public I plan on getting a pair but I still have my limits


I agree about the hypebeast on both of those. But the mags were cool with the profit going to a good cause and it's a very nice movie prop (words of Clark Kent)  to have if you're my age and grew up with back to the future movies.


But the Yeezys? Seriously? I wouldn't buy those for 10$ if I couldn't resell them for the prices they're going for...I still don't understand that hype...If you ask me they look like a cheap Jordan knock off and ugly at that as well...


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