Michael Jordan Hits Go-Ahead Jumper in 2003 All-Star Game

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was it the shoes 2003 all star game Michael Jordan Hits Go Ahead Jumper in 2003 All Star Game

The last time we featured Michael Jordan in an NBA All-Star Game, we focused on one of his not-so-MJ moments. A missed dunk happens to everyone, but if you’re Michael ‘Air’ Jordan, people have a hard time forgetting! It didn’t take long for Michael to erase that All-Star flub because just one year later in the 2003 All-Star Game, he reminded the millions of viewers around the world why he’s won six NBA Championships. Read up on this memorable moment of Michael Jordan’s career in tonight’s Was It The Shoes? and re-live one of the best All-Star Game moments in NBA history.

jordan xviii fadeaway Michael Jordan Hits Go Ahead Jumper in 2003 All Star Game

In September of 2001, Michael Jordan announced his second come-back to the NBA, joining a young and raw Washington Wizards squad and providing some energetic juice to the much less powerful Eastern Conference. In his two seasons as a Washington Wizard, Michael was selected to two straight NBA All-Star Games – although not as a starter in 2003. While Michael was and is still revered in the NBA, the fact that he was not voted as a starter was proof that the new NBA generation had already embraced a new wave of stars. Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady, the two starting backcourt-mates, had individually offered their starting roles to MJ, who declined their generous offers. It wasn’t until a last-minute plea by Vince Carter, who literally shoved MJ onto the court minutes before tip-off, that Michael was inserted into the starting line-up.

MJallstar2003 23 Michael Jordan Hits Go Ahead Jumper in 2003 All Star Game

As the 2003 game served as Michael’s final All-Star Game, there was no doubt that the Eastern Conference would concede to the legend and offer up as many shots attempts as they pleased. Jordan embraced, hoisting up a game-high 27 shot attempts in 36 minutes of play and finishing with 20 points. The most memorable of those twenty-seven shots was his final attempt during regulation, when he was fed the ball with 10 seconds to go. Jason Kidd, who dribbled away before setting up an ISO play for MJ, passed the rock to MJ on the right wing. He drove right, and began his ascension – a trademark fadeaway jumper.

0 Michael Jordan Hits Go Ahead Jumper in 2003 All Star Game

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Def wasn't the shoe....MJ was just sloppy (in his Air Jordan 3 "True Blue")


I was there dat night & da roof exploded when mike hit dat shot... jus fa Kobe & KG to steal da glory in both overtimes...


stephon marbury had that kevin hart face going 


i'm a kobe fan but i really hate kobe on that all star game. having no intentions of missing even 1 free throw from a foul that was given to him (shouldn't have been called in the 1st place) erases the importance of mj's last shot


doesnt even  show the video. smh


Definitely wasn't the shoes. Mike shot horribly that night. Kobe & KG had their way. Still got that game recorded in the archives.


 @dsuaveallday lol i remember that game plan as day it wasnt until that shot over Marion that Jordan did anything besides take up space. I really appreciated to see him get that final shot and make it. Since i wasnt really old enough to understand during the early 90's. But yeah its super funny to me how Kobe is trying to be almost a mirror image of MJ. Well see whats happens this season!

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