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Nike Basketball shoes have been a staple of ‘lifestyle’-based contemporary fashion, but this December, Nike Sportswear is going to release a special collection of premium-grade Nike Basketball signature shoes intended for non-performance use. We showed you the Nike LeBron X ‘Cork’ yesterday, and in these on-foot images, we can get a better idea of how we can expect these juicy offerings to look while in action for casual wear. We’ve seen footwear releases of a similar ilk in the Air Jordan Bin 23 “Premio” Collection, but what are your thoughts on these high-grade LeBrons? We’d like to hear your thoughts on this unique concept, so check out the extra on-foot shot below and state your opinions in the comments below.

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Oh, and by-the-way, these are totally FRESH ^^^ and I'd pay $300 all day! lol:) (for real though)

CCCkicks 3 Like

Sneakerhead2320 is correct Nike could price these @ 400 and they WOULD absolutely sell out in 3 minutes...And I hate to beat a dead horse but this is another thing to blame the greedy re-sellers for. If you think there isn't a myriad of Nike Employees, from high up the corporate ladder to low on the "totem pole", that monitor these sites, twitter, facebook, ebay, etc, then ur sadly mistaken. If you think the re-sell game and even these very comments aren't discussed in board meetings, etc, then you're also sadly mistaken. The point is: Nike SEES the prices their shoes are selling for on the after-retail market and they're certainly taking it into account and certainly licking their chops. The re-sellers aren't the real people to blame's the people who PAY the re-sellers prices. It's basic business. Supply and demand. If we, as "sneakerheads", chilled on the after-market "demand" then the prices would fall fast. But Nike sees shoes going for 3, 4, 10x retail price and they are fighting back. I don't think it will work but they're trying to get somewhere near the re-sell prices with retail prices. They figure "If our 160$ lebron 9's were selling for 300-500$ and up then why can't we get 280$ RETAIL???". They can, they will, and it will only get worse. It will only drive up the re-sell price more I'm sure. And to the people who didn't just jump on the "sneaker bandwagon" in the last year or so...Think back just three or four years,  How often was there a real "sought-after" or "hyped" release??? Once every 5-6 weeks? Now look...pretty much EVERY weekend there's something dropping and everything is taking on "hype". Nike sees that even @ this frequency-of-releases, and these pricepoints, THEY'RE STILL SELLING OUT AND SELLING FAST ANDDD BEING SOLD FOR A BIG PROFIT AFTER-RETAIL. It's getting out of order and it's not gonna get fixed. It's the people who PAY these prices...and there's no chance we can collectively say "Everyone hold out and don't pay the re-sell prices" because there'd always be the slew of rich kids and people who would see that as an opportunity to buy up the shoes while others "boycott". I just find it funny the amount of people who say "F&%* Re-sellers" yet they'd definitely re-sell if they haven't already, and they definitely have paid $ to a re-seller. I'm not a big re-seller so i'm not defending it but it's very difficult to be a sneakerhead and to NEVER have either a. resold; or b. bought from a re-seller.  It's really the FIRST person who chooses to pay the jacked up price that one bold E-bayer decides to price a shoe at...Once 1 or 2 sell at the absurd price, more sell, then all the other sellers follow suit and jack up their prices to at or near the same price. Simple business. Stop paying re-sellers the prices. How BAD do u need the sneaker NOW??? There will be a new shoe next Saturday, don't worry, rest easy.


not sure why anyone likes these

Sneakerhead2320 2 Like

You can pretty much expect that even though these are not a Nike + Version, They still won't be $180 Nike is already dropping a hint that these will be on the same level at the BIN "Premio" line.. 


But given how $249.99 & $270.99 have been selling out in record time online & in stores.. Nike can price the at $350 - $400 per pair & these will still sell out... 


 @Sneakerhead2320there is no chance they will retail these at that price bro, anywhere from 200 - 250 max


Sneakerhead2320 1 Like

 @Jumpfan23 I didn't say that's what they would retail for.. I said Nike if they wanted to could price them between $350- $400 & they'd still sell out.


People complain about the retail price but yet they're the 1st ones hittin' refresh on Nikestore on release day..


Then again that's even if these release on Nikestore.. They could pull the release just like the Galaxy foams.. & only release these in Miami, New York, Vegas, Chicago & LA.. Just  like they did with the Crown Jewels..






Kev Loco
Kev Loco 1 Like

I like how SneakerNews cropped and cut Lebron's whole body out just so it can be a "On Foot" image. Lmao you've been caught red handed. Smh


Definitely the top shoe on my year end list. I honestly would have never imagined a "cork" shoe looking so amazing. I said it yesterday when Sneakernews posted this exact same picture and I'll say it again, amazing execution!!!


Come on now SN. It must be a slow day in the world of sneakers lol. Dope ass shoe though


reminds me of a christian louboutin pump....  

AndrewNiekamp 3 Like

Dope shoe, hit-whoring repost. C'mon SN!

JJwiles 2 Like


drmtm 2 Like

same pics as yesterday. sn is a hypebeast!!!

deurope0927 1 Like

sick a cop upon release for me

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