adidas Basketball: The Return of D Rose: “Drive”

October 19th, 2012 by | 8 comments

adidas basketball return of d rose drive adidas Basketball: The Return of D Rose: “Drive”

The team at adidas basketball continues to spin the story of Derrick Rose‘ eventual return to the NBA, this latest clip touching on his motivations and goals. It appears that even at a young age Rose had his mind set on what he needed to achieve via his game, citing the desire to put his family in a better situation with his talents. He’s certainly done that, with the next target being an NBA championship, something well within reach for the Chicago Bulls once they get their star back. Click through to watch the latest adidas Basketball: The Return of D Rose episode and let us know what you think in the comments.

0 adidas Basketball: The Return of D Rose: “Drive”

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Adidas is so like Drose will give you an ankle breaker moves then Drose will go down like Adidas broke my knees again. I hope rose & his promoter think about stoping his career with Adidas or it's the end of Drose.


haha, adidas is so desperate. "the return" is just gonna be a huge flop. he'll probably get injured again right away.


100% respect for that man DRose. Im eagerly anticipating his return to the game.


 @Facsimile Clearly you've never played a game in your whole life. You've never felt what its like to be injured. You've never had to put in the work to to reach the point of "the return". 


 @adadalives it's fuckin overkill. they need to stop hyping this shit. ppl get injured, they come back, get over it.


 @adadalives i wasn't saying that he's injury-prone, just that with all this pomp and grandiosity they're setting him up to fail in some twist of cruel irony.


 @Facsimile I actually agree with you that its overkill.


But the comment about "he'll probably get injured again right away" seems odd ever considering Derrick Rose had only missed 6 games prior to last season when he had the ACL injury in the playoffs. How do you equate missing 6 games during 3 years to "he'll probably get injured again right away"? Check the stats for yourself.


Its almost like he has a reputation for being injury prone after one bad season of injuries. He is only 24 too so his body will recover better than it would if he was 30.


Aside from that the lockout season was not a normal schedule. 66 games packed into 4 months. Playing back to back to back to backs and stuff. Guys are liable to get hurt playing that kinda schedule at an NBA level. Even Lebron missed some games mid season because of it. 



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