Air Jordan IX “Photo Blue” – Arriving at Retailers

October 23rd, 2012 by | 19 comments

black photo blue white air jordan ix Air Jordan IX Photo Blue   Arriving at Retailers

Need an intermission from the six chapters of the Kilroy novella, but want to keep the Air Jordan Retro channel open? Jordan Brand will offer up an Air Jordan IX independent from Johnny Kilroy this November 3rd (the same release date as the Motorboat Jones) in this Black/White-Photo Blue colorway, which we all know has its own scintillating story of its own. Apparently a major snafu at the factory overseas led to mass-production of an alternate version, which in a way cleared up the story of whether or not two different Photo Blue IXs will release. We hope you like the white-sole version because, well, you have no choice! More angles below so expect these at Jordan Brand retailers on the scheduled release date of November 3rd because these are beginning to arrive in stockrooms.

Air Jordan IX
Black/White-Photo Blue

photo blue air jordan 9 Air Jordan IX Photo Blue   Arriving at Retailers

photo blue black jordan 9 Air Jordan IX Photo Blue   Arriving at Retailers

black photo white blue air jordan ix Air Jordan IX Photo Blue   Arriving at Retailers\

Photos: itsb

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the last couple posts of these have looked nice i might consider buying a pair


Can I get the black outsole pair somehow?


This fuck boy said, I don't like da 9s but I copped them anyway... how fuckin lame is dis dude... I guess da same dude dat posts pictures of sum1 else & call it his LOL... and these 9s are straight hot garbage


i already got mine, but i don't like the ix, so i'll probably just store them


 @Big_Infinite hypebeast alert! theyre ONLY sneakers. Wear them for what they were intended for. Ppl like you are the reason why real collectors, miss out on gettin sneakers. 


@Big_Infinite my homeboy told me u were on here braggin bout da photo blues... a lame dude coppin lame Jordan's... U FAKE FUCK... and if u really do have these, which u probably don't, u are pretty fuckin stupid fa coppin them... but I wouldn't expect anythin less frum a fraudulent individual such as yaself. And who cops Jordan they don't like... another example on how fucked in da head u are yo LOL. THIS DUDE IS AN IMPOSTOR WITH A WEAK SNEAKER GAME. LOL


@Big_Infinite LOL... his kids must have cerebral palsy wit all his fuckery in da streets


@Big_Infinite u mean da same dudes dat live in my borough & hang out wit every wkend... u better stop frontin now b4 they start fuckin wit yo ass to, ya fraud


@Big_Infinite I rather be a loser then a FAKE FUCK like ur punk pussy self lol


@Big_Infinite as u can see my friends are gettin at u now... so u might as well stop frontin... and we all kno u spent extra money to get ur photo blues early. Fake fucker LOL

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