Nike LeBron X+ “Pressure” Sport Pack – Special Packaging

November 2nd, 2012 by | 14 comments

nike lebron x plus pressure special packaging 1 Nike LeBron X+ Pressure Sport Pack   Special Packaging

Are you planning on picking up the Nike LeBron X+ ‘Pressure’ colorway on the November 2nd launch? If so you should know that a couple key geographic areas are getting the options for some special packaging-a supreme box set sort of in the same style as that initial ‘Crown Jewel’ release. Pictured here is the Nike LeBron X+ ‘Pressure’ Sport Pack version, coming in a sturdy box with metal latches and all. Click through with us for a full look at the Nike LeBron X+ ‘Pressure’ Sport Pack and check out the handful of retail locations that will have this special version available after the jump.

Nike LeBron X+ Sport Pack
Black/Chrome-University Red-Cool Grey

HOH Dadeland, Miami
HOH North Riverside, Chicago
HOH Beverly Center, Los Angeles

nike lebron x plus pressure special packaging 2 Nike LeBron X+ Pressure Sport Pack   Special Packaging

nike lebron x plus pressure special packaging 3 Nike LeBron X+ Pressure Sport Pack   Special Packaging

nike lebron x plus pressure special packaging 4 Nike LeBron X+ Pressure Sport Pack   Special Packaging

Photos: Nike

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Yes i did get the one with the box from Miami HOH's

Kev Loco
Kev Loco

Oh yeah lets hype up the Miami Heat away Jersey colorway. An then just sell them in only 4 locations. That will get people to go ape shit

moises alderson
moises alderson

all nike does is build hype and every damn one of yall fall for it. you keep paying and help them sell out, and they will keep giving you less for more.. JUST LIKE APPLE.. you a hypebeast you most likely own an iphone. the iphone5 is technologically behind a YEAR.. apple giving you features which have been the standard for a YEAR. charge more for less. apples GUI is lacking and outdated, no innovation. apple making you look like dummies.. and now NIKE doing the same, raising prices and you bend over and spread your cheeks


Seems like Nike tries to sell the Lebron and justify the high price with some nice boxes


It would be nice to have the box no lie... But no big deal I don't wear the boxes I wear the shoes!

Kev Loco
Kev Loco

 @andysautosportcs I take it you don't like Apple, if you don't like how they are doing things then why don't you apply for a position and change it up. I see it as why fix something that is not broken. iPhone are the most bought and the most successful smartphone. 


There are people out in the world that would rather have an iPhone over an Android not just to be a hypebeast, I'm sure half the people who own a iPhone doesn't even know what a hypebeast is. And to be honest I'm getting tired of my android and I actually wouldn't mind to try out the iPhone 5. But if you don't like Apple, you don't like em.


 @drmtm the boxx is nice af i got myself a pair and it was worth it the shoes are oly 214.00 worth it when you consider some jordans cost th same and you dont get half the quality.



@crownmeking314 You're doing it wrong

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