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2012 was an incredible year for sneaker enthusiasts and brands alike. It was a non-stop celebration of new innovations and nostalgic undertones in footwear, with several labels playing vital roles in what was the most outstanding year of sneakers to date. The Sneaker News staff is of course very much involved in this hobby, so as the months passed, we’ve jotted down the releases that were the must-have game-changers that truly made 2012 a historic year and compiled them into the Sneaker News Top 30 of 2012. The paperback book is eighty-pages of the most desirable and effective shoes, with some exclusive photos and even a sick glow-in-the-dark back cover. If you copped last year’s book and want to continue your own collection of Sneaker News Top 30 books, continue on for direct links for purchase (both U.S. and International)!

Pre-Order the Sneaker News 2012 Top 30 Book

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Y'all should have given this book away for free. Seeing as how it was sponsored by Nike in return for all the free publicity, ad nauseum, in some cases.


All the usual suspects featuring many Nike and Jordan releases....and drinking the kool-aid IMHO....only thing noteworthy that I see is the Ewing each his own.