Nike Kobe 8 – Purple Gradient

January 8th, 2013 by | 10 comments

kobe bryant nike kobe 8 purple pe 2 Nike Kobe 8   Purple Gradient

So the Lakers haven’t really been on their game…but Kobe’s sneaker rotation of the Kobe 8 is simply on point. He’s been rotating a combo of Player Exclusives like this sick gradient-effect of purple tones, which, quite honestly, kinda have a ‘Galaxy’ feel to them. Many have praised the Kobe 8 for bringing an unprecedented level of style to the Kobe line as well as Nike’s Hoops wing as a whole, and colorways like these will only elevate the Kobe line back to prominence after a relatively mediocre showing by the VII in the States. We’ll keep you in the loop if we learn of a release, so check out the extra photo taken by Kobe himself (he recently joined Twitter, FYI) as well as another shot of Kobe, Dwight, and Coach D’Antoni below.

kobe bryant nike kobe 8 purple pe 1 Nike Kobe 8   Purple Gradient

kobe bryant nike kobe 8 purple pe 3 Nike Kobe 8   Purple Gradient

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I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THESE GUYS ARE SMILING ABOUT. There's NOTHING to be happy about right now in Laker land.


...color-way is definitely different to say the least.Dont really care for the actual shoe.


Don't even like Kobe, but I can't front on this colorway. Damn.


I saw a pair of turquoise ones that looked sick. Kobe posted a few pictures on FB of himself at a clinic in them


these and the red ones.


this must have been the fight everyone was talking about

Jonathan Broder
Jonathan Broder

best cw so far...i would cop those in a nyc minute..thanks kb and thanks fab i expect a 40pt night on nbatv and hopefully a W!! 


@TarHeelsSwag he didn't get injured it was a preexisting injury that he got fix in the off season.

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