Carmelo Anthony – Playing For the City that Made Me: Episode 1

January 9th, 2013 by | 5 comments

carmelo anthony playing for the city that made me Carmelo Anthony   Playing For the City that Made Me: Episode 1

This week is a big one for Carmelo Anthony with his Jordan Melo M9 getting its official launch at retail. Jordan Brand has swiveled their spotlight onto the star even further with a set of videos focusing specifically on Melo’s return to to New York City. This new spot takes the viewers down memory lane, back through the Red Hook section of Brooklyn and to the very court that Melo first honed his skills on and even gets some cameos from NYC legends like Nas and Bernard King. Stay with us after the jump to watch the clip and check back later in the week for more from the “Playing For the City that Made Me” video series from the folks at Jordan Brand.

0 Carmelo Anthony   Playing For the City that Made Me: Episode 1

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Wtf melo?u was one of the few things we had in baltimore to be proud of but now u claiming NY smh


The city that made you? I cant respect you at all melo. You sold out. You have west Baltimore tatted on your shoulder. You have a Baltimore accent, your AAU and pro-am team are based in Baltimore but you wanna claim NY now.. no respect for you bruh.. no respect at all.. you sold out for a check from Jordan Brand.. 


They can promote the hell out of these and they still won't sell. All new Jordan models are wack. I can't understand why they can't find some innovative designers. All this, "It's a shoe made for hooping" stuff is stupid. So all the shoes MJ made weren't? Save that garbage for somebody who doesn't know any better. Just because they are for hooping doesn't mean they have to be ugly.


@Dorian_BM dats where he was born... melo didn't move to bmore til he was 10.. but he was born in NY. He 1st started postin bball in & his 1st love fa da game came in NY. Sure was he noticed in Baltimore & AAU team in baltimore, yea but that's not da point of da ad... da point is to address where he started & how he started... and it all started in NYC.... so wats da problem... melo even came back to da state of NY to play his college ball. He didn't go to Georgetown or Maryland. He went to Syracuse cuz he's frum NY... and wats da difference between him and KG... Garnett is frum south Carolina but he Claims Chicago.


Shit, you ain't know... it's all about money. That's why he went to NY, for endorsements and exposure. He could've stayed in Denver of even asked for a trade to D.C. I can't blame him for chasing the money but JB shouldn't run a "CITY THAT MADE ME" campaign

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