Nike Air Max 180 OG

January 11th, 2013 by | 11 comments

nike air 180 og ultramarine Nike Air Max 180 OG

Joining the ‘OG’ varieties of the classic Air Max models is the Nike Air 180 in the trademark ‘Ultramarine’ colorway. Slated for a release at Euro retailers this March, the Air 180 comes pre-treated with vintage detailing, notably the yellowed midsole and the oxide residue on the outsole. For those who rock 180s on the regular, you’d know that these shoes are rather prone to dinginess, so you probably already have your ‘OG’ in your closet, but for those looking to replenish their rotation with one of the best of all-time, your wait has been shortened. Are these a must-have for you? Let us know in the comments below.

Nike Air 180

nike air 180 og Nike Air Max 180 OG
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I know that the yellowing on these can be taken off but why the fuck would I buy a new shoe just to clean it 1st. The vintage look needs to be scrapped


I don't think a lot of people realize that you can wash off the yellowing on the mid-sole. Just takes some warm water & a little soap then they'll look brand new. It doesn't matter to me that these are a VINTAGE Version of the shoe I;m just glad I can stop thinking I'm gonna get lucky on ebay hoping a 2009 DS pair is gonna pop up. This of all the Air Maxes I've bought & sought after this shoe rarely pops on any reselling site ex:Flightclub. Nobody wants to give this shoe up & that shows you how much of a classic this shoe is & now I'm gonna have a legitimate shot @ getting them, I cant wait! 


I can finally end my search for DS 2009 pair. 


...i used to worship these kicks back in the day. Easy pass now.


Fxx dat sh@t! Let normal wear and tear give mine that "vintage" look. 


Nike fucked these up with this whole vintage midsole. I'd rather it start out white and yellow than to be yellow from the start.


 @bfresh89 I honestly didn't know that about the yellowing. Good lookin' out for that tip, fam.

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