Foot Locker Superbowl Sunday Restock

January 31st, 2013 by | 22 comments

superbowl sunday restock footlocker 1 Foot Locker Superbowl Sunday Restock

Yesterday Sneaker News tweeted out some interesting information regarding a surprising restock of some high-profile sneaker releases that is currently set to go down this Superbowl Sunday at Foot Locker. The Nike Air Foamposite One ‘Stealth’, Air Jordan XIII ‘Bred’, and Nike KD V ‘Energy’ will hit select Foot Locker and House of Hoops locations will have these available on Sunday in-store only (not available online!). It’s going to require some footwork to guarantee a pair because Foot Locker is implementing a raffle-style release, so you have go to your local Foot Locker location today as winners for the raffle will be announced tomorrow. If you’re looking for the Stealth Foams, Bred XIIIs, or KD V ‘Energy’, the next opportunity is right around the corner!

stealth foamposite restock footlocker Foot Locker Superbowl Sunday Restock

Buy them HERE

bred xiii restock footlocker 1 Foot Locker Superbowl Sunday Restock

Purchase them HERE

kd v energy footlocker restock Foot Locker Superbowl Sunday Restock

Buy them HERE

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Staxx13 1 Like

379 pairs of shoes, 14 foamposite. Hopefully I get picked for the raffle making these 380.

"C.E.O." 1 Like

Nike/Jordan Brand should just increase the f*****' shoe supply smfh. (Not even movie tickets or video games sell out hahahaha....)


@sneakernews you guys gave us a link to the stealth foamposites that sells fakes!!! Not  looking good guys


Re-stocks devalue the sneaker...period!

DeVille 2 Like

 @crownmeking314 You must be a re-seller. I dont wake up look at a shoe and say ima wear that today becuz its higher in value. 


@DeVille @crownmeking314 This is historical. Did this guy just say that?? I'm a collector but I've got to say I would never look at it like that. Re-stocks are fantastic!! Gives people a chance something to smile about on a Tuesday. I just got 2nd pairs of fire red v's and bred 4s on a re-stock and olive 9s a few weeks ago. On random ass days out of the blue. So you @DeVille are either a reseller or hype beast. I won't lie I've sold shoes for a profit but.... Seriously you should re-evaluate this game because that mentality is why the production numbers get smaller and smaller.

Lilmr81 1 Like

I ment @crownmeking314 not @deville


Love it, nice way to mess up a re-sellers groove. Keep up with the re-stocks Nike. Btw, not totally sure but i think its only house of hoops locations. Here in the Chi there giving tix out until 6 central time if you need any of these.


sad thing is that even with all these restocks resellers still got them loser ass customers givin up 250-300 for these shits early and even after they release.


 @CC221 Those people, i call fools. Imo no one should ever pay over 20-40 bucks over retail on a general release. But you are right sir. 


 @ForeignEntity   @CC221 I live in a big city so you can find alot of "gr" the next day at mom and pop shops and even some chains. Here in Chicago i personally think if you want a "gr" and dont get it you just didnt put in work. 


 @DeVille  @CC221 What does "GR" have to do with anything? It's not like it's GR and you can find it on store shelves . . . LIMITED is more the word. No matter how Nike Labels it. 

Sole_2_Sole 1 Like

so they gave out tix for the general release; and now are raffling tix for the re stock? DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE??


@HeGotShoeGame they are giving tix out at outlets for retros!!! Even the b grades....

hozezae 1 Like

Bet the folks who brought these off resellers and other websites have to be pissed

ForeignEntity 1 Like

 @hozezae People like that don't want to stand in line and don't know how to cop off the internet. That's why there will also be a resellers market. 


A list of participating stores would be amazing!!! Thanks sn

CarlosQuintero 1 Like

@Lilmr81 it's also called getting up and look up all the footlockers around you and calling them to see if they are the selected few. If you live in la or nearby la it's obvious the house of hoops will have them. #getupgetoutanddosomethin


 @CarlosQuintero  @Lilmr81 actually homie that only a possibility because they were already raffled off.


@kicks67 @CarlosQuintero actually if read it a little closer your wrong

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