Converse Aero Jam Retro Sample

February 2nd, 2013 by | 14 comments

converse aero jam sample 1 Converse Aero Jam Retro Sample

Sneakers from the 90′s is what’s hot right now, and thanks to the revival of some of the most coveted sneakers of that decade like the Reebok Question, Ewing 33 Hi, and now the Fila Grant Hill making a comeback, it’s about time that other brands cash in and give the public what it wants. The Converse Aero Jam worn by Larry “Grandmama” Johnson, was one of the most popular shoes of that time, and although a re-release was supposed to go down just a few years ago, that idea was scrapped entirely. No updates have been made from the Converse camp, but there’s no doubt that the Aero Jam would be a hit once again – especially with some spiced up version of the originals like this sample that adds a crisp gradient on the midsole and a few other accents on the upper. Check out this rare Converse Aero Jam Retro sample below and considering the affordable price on these, it’s worth checking out the entire listing from ckalil92 on eBay.


converse aero jam Converse Aero Jam Retro Sample

converse aero jam retro Converse Aero Jam Retro Sample

converse aero jam retro sample Converse Aero Jam Retro Sample

converse aero jam sample Converse Aero Jam Retro Sample

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seems they will release before xmas


I got the black version for my birthday and white version for Christmas. God I loved those shoes. Takes me right back to 7th/8th grade. I loved the shoes they had during the 90s. Bo Jackson, LJ, David Robinson, the original pumps. Awesome. I would totally purchase the LJs!


this is my jam right here. I remember I always wanted them as a kid but my parents couldn't afford. Got the Kevin Johnson Run n Slam's cuz they were cheaper. A MUST HAVE for me.


I had these back in grade school in the 90s. All my Cons, I'd wear to death, then cut out the React Juice lol! 


if they do retro these they will be priced high bc Nike owns converse but i hope they do retro them b. i wa.t them to go with my charlotte hornets gear

john travoltron
john travoltron

I'm not complaining, but since we're retro'ing everything from the 90's, what about the LA Gear Catapult's that were worn by Karl Malone?  I had those back in 7th grade, lol.  Or the Nike Air Dynamic Flight which was a Hurrache worn by Scottie Pippen?


Wow I use to have the Black version. Bring them back but, don't OD on the price. 


Please converse. )':


them LJ were my shiiiiiiit.. i need these pronto


nicccceeeeeeeeeeeee and imagine them with a 3m tongue

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