Jordan Melo M9 “Year of the Snake” – Official Images

February 6th, 2013 by | 13 comments

jordan melo m9 year of the snake official images 2 Jordan Melo M9 Year of the Snake   Official Images

Jordan Brand closes out the ‘Year of the Snake’ effort with this outstanding colorway of Carmelo Anthony’s Melo M9. Inspired by the snake’s ability to use heat to track down its prey, Jordan Brand uses a thermo-graphic style print on the upper to give the Melo M9 an unprecedented level of color and contrast. Paired with the Air Jordan 1, this Year of the Snake release will be the first Pack-style release since last year’s Golden Moments Pack and will release this Saturday. Official images of the M9 is just below so give them a review and stay tuned for a release this Saturday.

Jordan Brand “Year of the Snake” Pack
Air Jordan 1 + Jordan Melo M9

jordan melo m9 year of the snake official images 3 Jordan Melo M9 Year of the Snake   Official Images

jordan melo m9 year of the snake official images 1 Jordan Melo M9 Year of the Snake   Official Images

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...they found a way to make this shoe uglier than it already was.


i dont care what people say, i like these melo YOTS. some head turners. if i can get them alone i would.


@dopeman978 where can you get it ?


@HeGotShoeGame wats good wit u over there bro?... I wear a 13, size 14 in foams


@Big_Infinite yea yea yea... keep tryin to explain yaself... heard of all b4. Not sayin anythin new as usual. Be happy in FL blaaaah blaah fuckin blaaah... wat else u got


 @Da_Real_Big_Infinite LOL right right, im in PHX AZ but not frm here my dude. Frm SoCal OC .. i been on SN for more than couple yrs now, jst decided to create an acct. the otha wk, this new log in via livefyre is recent. so i been layin low monitoring comments and the fued tween you  n dude (otha inf) lol..... aint seen him on in a min till i read below. lol 


HAH.  Don't get too into yourself.  You stole my name.  That's it.  Took me 5 mins to photoshop you w your barebackin lover that trolls w you to boost likes.  You don't deserve any respect for spamming and attempting to steal another contributors tag. You've done nothing but slander my tag with illogical lies.  You really think you can hurt me by making up nonsense and getting people to join your twisted bloggin schemes..then fine.  Do it.  But you and I both know, you know NOTHING about me.  Everything you've called has been backed with evidence, so you can't even say "fraud" or "liar" cause it's NOT true.  Whereas for you, just evade points with ignorant rants.  You are merely a loser.  Non of these photoshops or comment responses would be happening if you didn't copy my name and troll me.


@HeGotShoeGame LOL @ boat feet. Yea my dude. I got sum ol skool daddy's attached to my ankles Lol... I'm good over here. We gettin buried wit snow out here in da eastcoast right now but I'm releasin man... yea, these melos go hard. Da 1s are jus aiiight to me. Would definitely went half wit'ya if we wore da same size... speakin of dude he jus posted sum dumb shit on da newest Kobe 8 all star post. So u can go there to check it out. Mafuckas even stayed up last nite Photoshopin a pic of me & posted it as his pic LOL... dude is jus obsessed wit me fa wateva reason. So I gotta hurt his lil feelings again. So he can hide fa a couple more months lol.... wats goin on wit u bro. How u where u at


whats witcha??  damm bro you got boat feet fukn witcha..  i was gona say homie, go half on this pack since i want the ones and you want these but we not the same size my dude. ayyy BTW.. what happened to the imposter (big infinate) aint seen him on here for months??? lol

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