Nike LeBron X – Z-Corp 3D Sample

February 26th, 2013 by | 13 comments

nike lebron x z corp sample Nike LeBron X   Z Corp 3D Sample

Want to know what the Nike LeBron X looked like before it ever made it to retail shelves? Shown here is an earlier version of the sneaker, whipped up by a Z-Corp 3D printer on the Nike campus out in Beaverton. You’ll notice that the Swoosh is taped on-apparently this early in the design process the Nike folks handed LeBron himself some tape and a little Swoosh cutout to make his own decision. Continue reading to get some extra angles on this Nike LeBron X Z-Corp version and tell us in the comments if you prefer this look to the one that eventually made it to retail.

nike lebron x z corp sample 01 Nike LeBron X   Z Corp 3D Sample

nike lebron x z corp sample 05 Nike LeBron X   Z Corp 3D Sample

nike lebron x z corp sample 04 Nike LeBron X   Z Corp 3D Sample

nike lebron x z corp sample 06 Nike LeBron X   Z Corp 3D Sample

nike lebron x z corp sample 03 Nike LeBron X   Z Corp 3D Sample

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screw the shoe, let's talk about how sick that 3-D Printer is that made the shoe!! Insane!!


I was just pumped to see my ideas have a response I never tried to use livefyre I'm glad to get responses either bad or good :) this is so fun hahhahaha


Make the swoosh bigger and put it on both sides of the shoe near the toe box. The bigger, the better. Nike loves to do that, hear. ( no lame twss comments).


put a hybrid air unit into the sole widden the lower back heel into a bigger unseen UFO like heel put a lil patent leather and foam into the shoe and nike will be able to follow through on there yearly price raise!! haha dont get rid of that carbon fiber onthe side... !


make the ankle part a strap that is jointed like the dr dre beats headphones make the flywire attyached to a strong unique lace get rid of that ugly kd V like one piece, piece of shit cheap looking plastic thingy and make the sole a lil less bulky for people who want the shoe to wear with jeans everyday and u have one insane LEBRON XI oOoOooOOhhhhh firreeee ...

any way to make the flywire less tacky ? and more cuts into the shoe like how u can see the lebron X corks have more detail in the texture of the actual shoe ..

lower the strap a lil bit higher the toungue a lil bit and ankle peice should have a wavy bigger to smaller shape.. a UNIQUE ankle strap..... maybe out some wireing through the strap itself


I like the 10's that we see now better. Maybe V2 these?


@LebronsBitch666 because the swoosh is paper, it wasn't printed on. Maybe they were using this sample to expirement with swoosh sizes and locations.


@JonathanKim have you ever heard of a comma?


 @JonathanKim First of all...You just reffered dre beats to a ugly lebron sneaker. You sir, will never get a job a nike. So stop it. Also you act like someone is going to listen to you LOL. "Any way to make the flywire less tacky?" Yeah, making the strap like DRE BEATS right!??! AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA


@CkHenderson same thing I was thinking. This would be a nice looking shoe with some decent colorways.

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