Air Jordan OG Collection Lot on eBay

March 4th, 2013 by | 14 comments

air jordan og collection lot on ebay Air Jordan OG Collection Lot on eBay

It’s only getting more and more difficult to pick up original Air Jordan pairs. As the number of Air Jordan collectors grows every year, the set number of vintage sneakers from the line continue to get snatched up, passed around, and un-deadstocked. Which is why this group is such a crazy opporunity if you’ve got the cash to make it happen. Shown is a group of OG Air Jordans in various conditions, including the Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan VI, Air Jordan VII, Air Jordan VIII, Air Jordan IX, Air Jordan X, Air Jordan XI, Air Jordan XII, and the Air Jordan XIII. Take a look at all the pairs rounded up in the group after the jump, then take a look at the auction to purchase them from quentinours on eBay.

air jordan og collection lot on ebay 10 Air Jordan OG Collection Lot on eBay

air jordan og collection lot on ebay 09 Air Jordan OG Collection Lot on eBay

air jordan og collection lot on ebay 08 Air Jordan OG Collection Lot on eBay

air jordan og collection lot on ebay 07 Air Jordan OG Collection Lot on eBay

air jordan og collection lot on ebay 06 Air Jordan OG Collection Lot on eBay

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Of course it was going to sell. The conditions of the earlier ones are kind of lacking but the 8-13 look reallly good. 


How come everyone hates on the Originals now, but when the retros aren't EXACTLY like the Originals, everyone hates on them? 


he wants new car down payment money on some old cracked, faded og jordans. not worth it! i rather pay for new ones than buy sneaks i cant wear and enjoy. because all you going to do is put these in a closet and they going to get even more destroyed


Im glad to see everybody shares my opinion. To some theyre "priceless ogs". To me theyre just some dirty old jordans. Id rather cop brand new fresh retros for retail. No brainer. Than again if youve got booku bread you might as well cop everything lol


Buying old jays is pointless. You can't wear them and they are re releasing everything every 3 years now. Shit, buying the new ones is becoming pointless


Well his price is steep but OG Banned 1's are pretty damn expensive as it is If I had the money I spend about $1,500 on the set for collection purposes only 


Nah. Nice collection though.  I never understood why people by VNDS (worn) shoes for over retail.  I don't get it.  How are you going to sell a shoe $50-$100 over retail and they aren't new.  The item is used and it should have a legitimate used price.  It is what it is though.


Kidd Kidd 13
Kidd Kidd 13

Swear yall overdoing it with the prices pf these shoes that u kept for years before selling. I'm gonna pay a large sum of money for shoes that i can wear mybe 3 times before they start to fall apart. Ha! FOH.


thats a decent bargain but you got to be outta your mind to buy shoes you can't wear for $5,7000


 @jrlemons3  thats exactly what i have been saying since this sneaekr selling shit got out of control.its like a car.shit gets driven even 10 miles it devalues,so i dont see how idiots sell used kicks for over retail.and even more idiots are the ppl that pay over for used shoes.i always deduct money from my shoes if i sell once ive worn them

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