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How To Take Photos Of Your Sneakers

March 7th, 2013 by / 13 c

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How important is sneaker photography these days? With social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter making picture sharing as easy as a simple click (with a filter here and there), sneaker pictures have become more important than ever – and who wouldn’t welcome more “Likes”? With that said, it’s important to step your sneaker photography game up if you want to be at the top percentile of Tweeters and IGers, and for those of you who are struggling to take a decent photo with your smartphone, this quick tutorial on how to take photos of sneakers should give you some help. We’ve got tips for photographers shooting on-feet photos on the street or setting up makeshift studios at home (all with smartphones, no heavy duty DSLRs needed), so read on below for some basic tips.


We’ll start things off with the most important factor in taking good photos – lighting. The idea of “what you see is what you get” rings especially true for photography, so if, by your own eyes, your kicks are too dark to see, it ain’t any better through a camera lens. Sunlight is the most effective provider of lighting, but sometimes it can work against you. Make sure the sunlight is hitting your shoes and NOT the camera lens.

The photos are taken during the daytime without sunlight hitting the shoes or the camera. The photo is well-lit, providing a nice, crisp image of the sneakers.

The photos below are taken with the sunlight directly hitting the shoes. It provides a nice clear shot of what’s on feet, but the shadows can be distracting.

These photos below are taken in the least optimal settings – the left (LunarGlide 4) is taken during nighttime, while the right (Space Jam XI) is taken indoors in a dimly lit area with a poor angle. You can see what the shoes are, but the images are grainy and unflattering.

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How do i post a picture of my shoes on here ?


+1 on the wear-em-don't-photograph-them bandwagon.


would this also work for taking pictures of my dick??


now check out this tom fuckererrryyyy...please who the fuck needs a studio set up to take pics of your kicks...sorry sneakernews but this is some lame shit...rock your kicks and people will see them you don't need to post pics every time you change your shoes...OH WAITTTT!!! that's right hypefaggot resellers need shit like this so they can sell shoes they don't wear...i really don't know why any idiot would wana buy shoes from a store at whole sale and sell them to try and make money...that sounds like some lemonade business type shit to me


You know i appreciate this whole thing but for a majoirty of the time people just post their kicks to brag, don't actualy rock them, and have them for sale. Not saying all, but most. Best way to get real recognition is to rock the kicks and then u no when heads turn. Better yet, conversations sometimes ensue with a fellow sneakerhead, tho i use that term lightly nowadays lol. Short rant. Side note: anyone getting GoW or Bioshock?


Trippy, I'm about to take photos of my 13s and this just got posted.


Your photo and back-drop looked better quality than those Jordans.


 @JManSam Im beastin on Tomb Raider right now my dude. Good game. Probably scoop GOW as well. Ive been waiting on The Last of Us, that game looks sick as hell


@Brando23 yea I'm playing tomb raider too mad as hell the last of us got pushed back


 @Brando23  @JManSam I'm a hypebeast and spent all my money on Nike releases so i'll be waiting for GTAV like everyone else aswell. If GOW is hyped up right now I'll skip on a pair of white on white forces since asap rockys been wearing those allot and pick up GOW. 

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