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Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte III “Knicks” – Teaser

March 12, 2013 BY / 14

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It looks like Ronnie Fieg is working on an Asics Gel Lyte III that will pay homage to his hometown with a distincly ‘Knicks’ colorway. You’ll remember that we got a quick sneak peek at these earlier in the year, with this new shot showing off the vibrant colors to a better degree. Let us know in the comments if this new suede make up from Ronnie Fieg is one you’re looking forward to, and stay tuned to Sneaker News to get the release info on this Asics Gel Lyte III ‘Knicks’ look should they make it to retail.

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HAHAHAH i like all the comments so far, looks like people are smartening up! Teasers are a fucking joke and just another way to hype up everyone and let em know when they can go buy them to resell them. Collabos used to be a once in a while thing and he slaps em out every 2-3 months. these gonna be a kithstrike too? HAHAHAHAHAHA fucking amazing -Educate yourselves. 





Yawn. Here we go again. Hell I guess it's a teaser when he shows the release date too bc you ain't gettn em unless you buy em on eBay from some jerk for like $350.


 @andred77777 Let's be honest this is for anyone who loves the NY and the Knicks, I can call these Gators because of Florida. I like this shoe, you have one chance to cop them, now if you miss them okay you missed don't bitch or whine about collabs. You want it get it, if you miss it then read this don't bitch you got cash pay the resell be smart and find a reasonable price and research. Now if you don't wanna pay the resell, okay get on with life don't be a whining bitch if you can't get a pair. I like these, if i miss these okay I'll be mad for a hour or two but that's it no more or less I move on with life things always come better over time. That's all Stay Based.


@Nonhyped @andred77777 u stupid insignificunt. Non hyped huh? you kinda missed the whole point there u little fuck. aint nobody bitching u bitch. u fucking bitch ass. smatren up u little fuck. u wannareply to something than have some substamce u little fuking cuntface. i didnt attack you or say shit to you u fuck. Dont be an idiot and try to figure out what the fuck im talking about. did it sound like i wanted to buy them u fuck. huh?! Calling out names and shit. go buy some jordans nigga and be like every otha nigga u know u fag


@Nonhyped @andred77777 the best of rf is over. Shoddy business practices, shitty customer service, kith strikes, keeping majority of pairs in house, keeping releases extremely limited, and the decline of all he recent work that's getting put out. Not too mention some other things that they do to pump Up release prices and kill every asics gr release in the process. His shoes were 115 before, thats what the coves cost me, now were at 140-150 so far? 5years ago people didnt give two shits about asics including yourself. That's the problem. You not a fan of asics but a fan of collabos and hype stuff. I liked alot of stuff they put out in the past, I have the coves, ultramarine,aqua, salmon toe,salmon sole, and leatherbacks. I, like a lot of people, am just not gonna watch someone's twitter feed to be on the lookout for sneak releases. Kith strikes are terrible. Teasers are fucking wack. There shouldn't be shit like that, u just set a date and obviously they'll sell out. You shouldnt need a shop to tell you what to wear and what's cool.


@andred77777 I remember wayyy back when I heard of the young scrub working under David pulling off collabs on his online shop then he left to start his own shop Kith; the guy is impressive because he always worked with Asics when there was no one else around to pull them off that well in materials. I'll say this last thing there is really nothing you can do against them, your best bet protest in front of his shop that's it because nowhere will on here will get anything done or you can try to catch them all if you dare. Your choice from here on out, just know the consequences of missing out. 


@Nonhyped first of all thank u for droppin the insults, as were all here for the same reason. secondly, i am very opinion based on the subject and will say i was buying rfs collabs before most knew wtf david z was. im not an elitist, im giving my opinion just like you. same goes to u, if u like em they get em. Theres more to my first comment then alot of people can realise and it is what it is.


 @andred77777  @Nonhyped First of all I don't buy Jordans or collect sneakers or resell or any of this bullshit people bitch about.  Yea hate the hype if you want but do it on your own terms, not on here to the public. Now the insults come on really? Sound at least somewhat opinion-based on the subject Ronnie makes Asics at its best in colorways we never see ever anywhere else. Don't try to be an elitist in the process collabs come out from everywhere no matter who it's from, you either get or you don't face the the facts that's all.


 @212TP This isn't new, its the whole point of saying you don't like it then don't get it. Simple as that to be honest, people each day are finding out about sneakers and want either be the guy to collect and wear them or resell them, it's a fact nobody respects if you actually wanna be serious, you have the freedom of speech to protest in front of his store if you got a problem either way face the facts. It's just frustrating to see that people haven't mature to this point yet to understand you are not alone anymore.

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