Under Armour Basketball #DeAndreDunkFace Contest + T-Shirts

March 13th, 2013 by | 7 comments

deandre jordan dunk face Under Armour Basketball #DeAndreDunkFace Contest + T Shirts

We know you basketball fans are still replaying that earth-shattering Lob City speciality on an endless loop, and why not? It’s the dunk of the year thus far, and even DeAndre Jordan’s post-dunk face has imprinted itself in NBA highlights for years to come. Under Armour Basketball is celebrating this moment by launching the #DeAndreDunkFace campaign on Instagram – all you need to do is take a selfie with your own post-slam dunk face and tag it with #DeAndreDunkFace. This Tuesday, Under Armour Basketball will pick the best “DunkFace”, with that winner being sent to Los Angeles to attend a Clippers game, have a meet-and-greet with DeAndre, and get some fresh UA gear – maybe even a pair of the Under Armour Spine Bionic PE that he wore during that dunk. In addition, UA has two special edition tees available on their online store. Follow UABasketball on Instagram and enter!

deandre dunk face tshirt 1 Under Armour Basketball #DeAndreDunkFace Contest + T Shirts

deandre dunk face tshirt 2 Under Armour Basketball #DeAndreDunkFace Contest + T Shirts

0 Under Armour Basketball #DeAndreDunkFace Contest + T Shirts

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My friendly advise for BRANDON KNIGHT is to hang-up his basketball uniform and sneakers immediately, and pursue other career in an country where basketball is least popular.


His replacement (a dunked-on NBA player or posterized player) hasn't been born yet.


His predecessor was this 7-foot center from the French National Team who was dunked-on by Vince "Vinsanity"  Carter during the Sydney Olympic Games elimination round.


Yes Jordan is nearly 7 foot but you can't hold I'm at fault for that. It was an amazing play on ONE OF THE BEST ATHLETES IN THE WORLD..give credit where it's due


Ok now this just getting out of hand. Nice dunk yea. But look who he did it on. Come on.


lol maybe im biased, but I think that if you being a 6 foot guard, try to contest a dunk from the weak side on a 7 footer, it shouldnt get that much commotion, fking shirts??? cmon now




its not like DeAndre picked him so he can dunk on him! it didnt matter who was there IT COULDVE BEEN LEBRON (but lebron would be smart enough to let him dunk) his momentum came from runing full force from the 3 point line! no one is stopping that! brandon just happen to TRY and help! lmfao the shirts are funny!


@Snpdo I feel you, but that ish was funny! And the shirts make it that more hilarious?

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