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Nike Air Max Hyperposite – Grey – Silver -Teal

March 14, 2013 BY / 15

0.00 / 5 (NO VOTES YET)

The Nike Air Max Hyperposite has been just a little quiet as of late, as models like the Nike Barkley Posite Max seem to have taken over the new-Nike Foamposite model spotlight for the moment. That’s not the say that the sneaker is done for though-as we’ve got a preview of a pair that should be arriving for late 2013. The sneaker shown is a Nike Air Max Hyperposite equipped with a wintery set of blues and some laces that go up and beyond the normal fare. See the full preview of this style after the jump and check back with us for more info on the upcoming release.

Photo: Mayor

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Not bad, not bad at all.  There's still too many other shoes dropping for these to be labelled priority.

Daniel Daniel Daniel
Daniel Daniel Daniel

now THIS is how you color block this shoe. best cw for the hyperposite, caught my eye


These, The Brow's PE, and the Area 72 please. These are surprising awesome to play basketball in =)


These are actually pretty clean... might get them... would love to see da cw Lamarcus Aldridge (white/red) or Anthony Davis wear to get a release


...I'll put these into consideration.


@Enrik @Da_Real_Big_Infinite dis month been crazy yo... plenty dudes went crazy in Feb but March has been my crazy month. Once April & May comes, I can slow down. But jus alooot of heat droppin. Lucky I got a very well payin job so I can keep up... but I've been coppin, collectin, trading kicks fa over 15 yrs now. So gettin ahold of kicks ain't nothin homie. Theirs jus more Sneakerhead as well as Non Sneakerhead resellers nowadayz, companys like Nike/jb, Reebok & adidas have to drop have to over saturate da market wit 20 to 25 releases a wk it seems like. And unfortunately fa a lot people wallets theirs ALOT of heat dats been out or is about to come out. So gotta try to keep up ya kno... plus I really like da hyperposite. Their a really dope shoe fa on & off da court


@Da_Real_Big_Infinite @Enrik yeah back then was different, you can walk in a store to get a pair of Nikeys(i meant to write it like that lol) without the line or hustle. everyone had their own style and it was cool, even if you copp a pair of L.A. Gear. But hey thanks for sharing your knowledge of the sneaker game. Good luck copping those 13s tomorrow.


@Enrik @Da_Real_Big_Infinite well back when I started it was really called collectin. More like stackin up or hoardin lol... but I was in middle & high school in da 90s. So I've been around fly kicks my entire life. Espc havin 2 older brothers dat wore a lot of heat too... so it was only a matter of time b4 I started gettin into it. But none of us back then would of thought da sneaker game would b like it is now... its almost like a competition to see wats on ya feet next. So it is wat it is now... still love da shoe game but its hard to appreciate it wit all da hype nowadayz & all these QS & rare releases.


@Da_Real_Big_Infinite @Enrik Ok, now i understand man. Wow you been coppin kicks for 15 years, much respect to your dedication. i'm not a big sneakerhead, but i have a decent amount of jays that i copped, only jays that i always wanted. i'm looking forward to get the 13s this saturday. Yeah these pass months have been heat with all these releases.

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