Slam City x Nike SB Dunk Low – 2013 Revamp

March 15th, 2013 by | 8 comments

slam city nike sb dunk 2013 Slam City x Nike SB Dunk Low   2013 Revamp

One of the major hits of the epic Pink Box era of Nike SB was the Slam City Skates collaboration of July 2005. In celebration of their shop location, it looks like they’ve made a revamped version of the original by using the updated Dunk SB outsole and the reshaped padded tongue. The signature elements of this sneaker, like the grungy faded blue Swoosh, contrast stitching, and illustration of Jesus by Simon True are still there, and while it isn’t clear if this 2013 Revamp will be released or if it was just a Promo for Slam City, it does stir up thoughts of the popular SB Dunk Retro topic. A full shot is below so stay tuned to Sneaker News for more updates.

slam city nike sb dunk 2013 retro Slam City x Nike SB Dunk Low   2013 Revamp

Photo: gwarism

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better than the OGs. that blue swoosh is a gamechanger


These are oh so dope


I wanted these bad back in the day, I won't be suprised if Nike SB started retroing their sneaks. Nike SB has been down as of late.


@donadamsky "That blue swoosh is a gamechanger" HA joke the blue swoosh was always there on the OGs, you just had to wear the navy material on the swoosh down to see it. It's the same concept that they used for the Statue of Liberty's, except most recent fans wouldn't know.This is also why I'm not a fan of where SB is taking the dunk line. As a die-hard SB dunk fan, the new dunks, as nice as they are, lack the subtleties that the dunks pre-2011 had, and the fact that they're retroing these with the swoosh already blue just points towards SB's lack of dedication to the same quality that they used to.

Air Steve
Air Steve

@youngballcoach what do you mean!?!?!? sbs have brought heat every quick strike since November and there just getting hotter  


@Air Steve @youngballcoach Heat? What drops were heat? Sb's haven't been hot in a minute! I've been collecting SB's for a loong time. Heat is Gucci's Huf's, Pee Wee's, Ferris Buellers, Money Cat Trilogy, Dinosaur Jr.s Hawaii's, Pusheads etc. SB was continually dropping Bombs back in the day anyone can tell you that. The buzz around SB's has quitted down dramatically. They have to make Jordan inspired SB's to get the hype train going cause most so called sneakerheads are infatuated with retro j's! That's what I mean

Air Steve
Air Steve

@youngballcoach @Air Steve I still find the when pigs fly, the spot, krampus, concord and the McRad, to be instant classics also some less hyped but still "heat" in my opinion bhm dunk low, koston x air max 90, lunar rod safari, raging bull dunk low, 3m dunk, infrared dunk lows the vanilla highs, and saint pattys day high etc...... So and after seeing the quick strike mid x made for skate I would say there just heating up and if you really are a loyal sb fan you would respect why they don't retro there classic and hopefully would be feeling the direction there headed in now    

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