Kevin Durant Shows Off Recent Foamposite Pick-ups

March 19th, 2013 by | 25 comments

kevin durant shows off foamposite pick ups Kevin Durant Shows Off Recent Foamposite Pick ups

Kevin Durant claims he isn’t “a sneakerhead”, but he’s got three of the most anticipated Foamposite releases already lined up for him. So is that what the state of “the game” is? Have sneakers reached a point of mainstream popularity that liking and owning several sneakers is just a normal way of life rather than being “a sneakerhead”? Regardless of how we define the state of shoes today, there’s no doubt that the average consumer has taken notice of these specialty items (the colorful Foamposites, the Air Jordan Retros). Going back to the topic at hand, KD does indeed have the Nike Barkley Posite Max “Eggplant” and “Sixers” as well as the Nike Air Foamposite One “White” at his disposal, so let us know which of the three are a must-have for you.

kevin durant shows off foamposite pick ups 1 Kevin Durant Shows Off Recent Foamposite Pick ups

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I can't wrap my head around spending 235 plus CA tax for those eggplant barkly posites, especially after spending $200 for those 13s, but damn they look good imo! Damn that price tag! Ima have to pass I guess because JB is about to UNLOAD in May.


Yeah he got them directly from Nike. I mean, they don't even make any of those in his size for the public release.


It's not mainstream, it's an exclusive fraternity being a sneakerhead. Besides Kevin Durant whether or not he's a sneakerhead is a part of a three headed monster at Nike and can have any shoe he wants.


HAHA thats the prob with the all white foams. They looking yellow like piss all ready. Thats the only problem withem

newsouth912 1 Like

Being a sneakerhead has always been more than just owning a few pair of shoes

bfresh89 1 Like

I don't like any foamposite at all but the fact that the title of the post is Recent Pick ups is stupid because we ALL know that Nike sent him these shoes for FREE!

Nick_II_Quick 1 Like

@bfresh89 Exactly. They makin' it seem like he drove to the mall and bought these.


It pays to be an NBA superstar...sickest sneakers come TO YOU!!! 


I want those sixers. You can have the rest


I have a 8.5&9.5 in the 13s "he got game" email me at if anyones interested.

metaleggman 2 Like

Being a "sneakerhead" was never about owning even a single pair of sneakers.  It's just as much as being a "fashionista" doesn't require owning a single item of high fashion clothing.  It's all about just having an appreciation for how shoes look.  That's pretty much it.  Most of the people that own tons of shoes were never sneakerheads to begin with.

And if that's what those whites look like (even if he's worn them a bunch of times), thank God I was never interested in them.  Those soles look disgusting.


"Have sneakers reached a point of mainstream popularity that liking and owning several sneakers is just a normal way of life rather than being 'a sneakerhead' ?" 

Yes. Next question.


he probably isnt a sneakerhead. nike just gives him those

CC221 1 Like

yo everyone thats been callin themselves a "sneakerhead" gonna be like "im not a sneakerhead..i just like sneakers" cuz kevin durant just made that cool


I don't even consider myself a sneakerhead. That term is maybe 2 years old to me. Its just called liking sneakers. You don't have to put a label on it

Enrik 1 Like

@DEREKxJETs agree with you derek jeter. i buy jays but not everthing that comes out, jays that i always wanted and missed out on the first release. also not everything i have are jays or JB sneakers.


Damn that's 7 hundred right there at least if purchased at retail. No telling what he payed for early pickup

TreyNine 2 Like

@Sneak'freakI'm 100% sure he got those for FREE. I know pro athletes that have Nike deals where they  log NikeElite (where they have $5,000+ on their account) and order what they want (Jordans included) and have it sent to their house. 


@treynine damn thats the fuckin life


@TreyNine @CK16 @CC221 Its clever business, the more people seen in them the more people buy them, and the more money you have the more you are shown around the world, this picture will make millions on its own with people buying them


@CK16 @CC221 Its crazy...the more money you have, the more stuff you get for free

CK16 2 Like

@CC221 celebrities never pay for shit. fuckin mark wahlbergs ass never pays for those kicks either

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