Air Jordan V – Black – New Emerald – Grape Ice

April 4th, 2013 by | 26 comments

air jordan v retro black grape ice new emerald 1 Air Jordan V   Black   New Emerald   Grape Ice

Another nickname for these Air Jordan Retros that has popped up is the Air Jordan V “Aqua”. While we do see the connection with the popular Air Jordan VIII colorway, we’ll point out that “Aqua” comes from the use of “Aquatone” – which this Air Jordan V does not. Aqua has a bit more of a blue tone compared to the New Emerald, although it’s hard to tell when paired with the purple and black upper. 2013 is shaping up to be an amazing year for Air Jordan V lovers, so are these a must-have for you, or are you in the hunt for the OG Air Jordan V “Grape” and the upcoming Laney release? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for a release date on the Air Jordan V “Black Grape”.

Air Jordan V
Black/New Emerald-Grape Ice


air jordan v retro black new emerald grape ice 001 Air Jordan V   Black   New Emerald   Grape Ice

air jordan v retro black new emerald grape ice 004 Air Jordan V   Black   New Emerald   Grape Ice

air jordan v retro black new emerald grape ice 003 Air Jordan V   Black   New Emerald   Grape Ice

air jordan v retro black new emerald grape ice 002 Air Jordan V   Black   New Emerald   Grape Ice

Photos: mysole

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                                                                         DA RAISINS 5

                    THE NAME PROPER NAME IS ... AIR JORDAN V Raisins

A raisin is a dried grape.

The word raisin is reserved for the dark-coloured dried large grape ...

The word raisin dates back to Middle English and is a loanword from Old French; in French, raisin means "grape", while a dried grape is referred to as a raisin, or dry DARK grape The Old French word in turn developed from the Latin word racemus,a bunch of grapes.


It is funny how ppl were calling these aqua's when the 5's have no relations with the 8's colorwise. Close in color yes but still there very different. Any jordan guy or shoe guy will tell you all they did was swap out the white leather for a black upper. Nothing went nowhere its all there, the colors on the white grapes are the same as the ones on the black grapes. Again how do you confused let alone call these the aqua 5's.


Mann damn! What's it gon take to get some pics of the Aqua 8's???


Look like cheap customs. I'll keep my metallics


lol atleast they read the comments cuz i got pissed 2 or 3 times saying the same exact thing that aqua was the color used to nickname aquas not the materials. they already knew the color is emarld so why they are just now correcting it cool but its funny how they try to seem like they already knew what they were talking about


Love them but its a sick joke with the white ones existing.


welp! sorry baby moma- u not gettin ur child support cuz i gota have these. lol


Just because they resemble the Aqua 8's doesn't mean they are the Aqua 5's!!! They look more like the Black Grapes!!


So are the black ones GS only or are they for men too I'm sorry but now I'm confused


while everybody's copping the white ones, these are a must have for me


It's ALREADY yellowing...


@asdfjkln64 @JFresh_136 All sizes, blacksanta24 on youtube got these in adults and is wearing them.

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