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Ronnie Fieg Donates Asics Gel Lyte III “Super Green” to Kids in Haiti

April 6th, 2013 by / 21

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In early January, Ronnie Fieg revealed a pair of Asics Gel Lyte IIIs dubbed the “Super Green“, only this particular design would never hit retail. Instead, the 300-pair run would be donated to the needy in Haiti through the Soles 4 Souls charity – an organization that has donated over 19 million pairs of shoes since 2005. Thankfully, Ronnie’s photographer Pete Forester logged the events of the donation through his camera, giving us a first-hand insight to the great work done by Souls 4 Soles and those who participate in the movement. Check out the gallery of photos below, and see the Souls 4 Soles website to see how you can lend a hand.

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i was doing this for my senior project!!!!!!!!!!!


Lol just called my connect in Haiti offered 200 to any kid size 10 and scored 2. Pairs lol


for all of those folks out there stricken with white guilt, ronnie fieg says you can rest easy tonight...SMH. Im really sick of celebrities and the like whoring out for headlines with "minimum impact effort, maximum media prescence" publicity stunts like this. This was clearly done entirely for positive PR, doing something good for kids of haiti was entirely secondary here. Shame on SN for giving these fucks the satisfaction of stroking their ego. Seriously, whos idea was this? Giving underprivileged youths super limited sneakers is an easy way to garner them some unwanted attention anywhere in the world (you think only first world countries are brand conscious and capable of violent jealousy?), besides the fact that if promoting Asics was not the primary goal, they would have chosen to distribute a low cost, practical shoe (such as TOMS) to as many children as possible under that same budget to, y'know, actually provide some relief? 


I see the point why a lot of you are sorta hating... BUT at the end of the day he donated them with a lot of effort. so give it up for that.

I lived in ny for some time and I have a lot of respect for RF, but there are times where I question the whole kith team when they throw some curveball during release days...

kith is defo is a success select sneak shop but perhaps more transparency is needed when they do nice things like this or any release.

another dope asics release tho, well done RF !


bunch of bullshit. Glad other commentors arent idiots and know whats up. Sell and donate the proceeds. Get asics to send some GRs in the thousands not 300 pairs of your collabo shoe. Gimmie a fucking break. How can you ruin a donation, ask RF.  shit really is irritating. SO MUCH MORE THAT COULD BE DONE IF YOUR GONNA DO SOMETHING. and why the fuck do you wanna post pictures of your donating? Do it without the cameras or publicity. 


Stupid...Should of just sold them for rape prices on ebay, THEN donated the money to them for schools. Not stupid sneakers. So lame. 


@louisluggage Really though, those people of Haiti are better off throwing those shoes up on eBay and making money off the resell value. It's all a publicity stunt like @S4S said. 


@louisluggage I volunteer with Soles 4 Souls, and the point of this project was to increase awareness of the charity.  We wanted blog coverage, and exposure to bring this charity to the masses in the sneaker community, and with a desirable shoe, that's what we got. We saw a significant increase in donations following posts like these, so needless to say, we're EXTREMELY grateful to all of those that have supported. 

Also, massive cash and apparel donations were made by Kith, but haven't received the blog coverage that the shoes have. It's so easy to be negative about "celebrities" doing charity work, but I've seen the results first hand, and watched it change lives. If you aren't happy with the way that this initiative was handled, I encourage you to start your own Soles 4 Souls campaign and do it better. 


@louisluggage  RF is a narcissistic dick. All he does is create Asics' iDs. He doesn't bring anything new to the table. If Asics gave us chances to create Gel Lyte 3s in any colorway or with any material, Fieg would lose his shine because our shit would be so much hotter. I will give him cred, he does know his shit and has worked from the ground up, but I still stay true about sneaker iDs. Give me mesh / pigskin leather / 3m / brand imprinting and a color wheel, and I'll be a premium Asics' iDer, too.


@NYCNATIVE917 I here your sentiment but in places this broken that money will wind up going every which way the shoes can be USED actually used to help protect the feet which in high parasitic environment  its a big deal 


@Billyb3434 @NYCNATIVE917 So i guess it's not ignorance to have all these corny sneaker heads sob over poor 3rd world countries getting limited runs of RF Acics? Huh...I guess so, bra. He just did this for attention. Would of been 102190931824213423842341023948793124089123749832740912384701392847130294712304971324983124x better if he just actioned them off to kids like yourself who would pay an arm and a leg for a pair, then utilizing that hard earned mommy & daddy money to help some children in Africa. Atleast donate the money to schools or buy text books then support them. But WTF are they going to do with some god damn RF acics!?!? exactly, pure ignorance. Kid. 


@JulianScott @NYCNATIVE917 Agreed. I like the sentiment behind this and doing something is always better than doing nothing, but lets get real: This is a pure headline grabber. If you want to do some substantial good, eBay auction these like the Air Mags, then purchase THOUSANDS of GR Asics at wholesale (Which a guy/store like Fieg/Kith could easily do, and likely have their purchase matched by Asics), and make a far bigger impact.


@NYCNATIVE917 @Billyb3434 So many intelligent people commenting on this post. Wished more people were wise to this blatant attempt of PR. Can't stand this dude. Used to have a bunch of Fiegs, too, until I learned what he is really like.


@xd_mitchx @JulianScott @NYCNATIVE917  @Billyb3434  real talk xd.  300 shoes is NOTHING for these people.  There are over 10 million people in haiti, of which 38% are aged 0-14.  So 300 shoes for kids?  That's shit.  Fieg's just trying to grab headlines and look good.  Plus, people in poor countries STILL CARE ABOUT BRANDS.  So giving them some exclusive cool kicks may not be the best idea at the end of the day.

If Fieg really wants to do something, as others have said, auction off some kids that would amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars (not hard considering the hot commodity nature of his shit) if not millions, then design some shoes that would actually work within the constraints of haiti (anti-microbial fabrics to prevent foot fungi/parasites, rugged fabrics that will last for years, and tough souls as well).  Then distribute hundreds of thousands of them.  Then from there, create a program where people can donate the cost of an actual cost of the shoes to make, and then KEEP sending them over.  sending 300 shoes over doesn't do anything in the long run.

In a time when charity ends up being more about what people are trying to do (either because they have a vested interest in the region (i.e. all the bill and melinda gates stuff in India) or as a media grab (like this)), you HAVE to be critical of charity because sometimes it doesn't even help the people it claims to help.

Hell, specific to haiti, look at this abc article: 

Only 1% of the haiti aid actually went to haitin companies.  And what was done with the 99% is unknown due to the lack of transparency.  So giving shoes out is good, but only giving out 300 is pointless.  It's a drop in the bucket for Christ's sake.

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