NBA Feet: Weekend Recap – 4/12 – 4/14

April 15th, 2013 by | 8 comments

nba fee april 15 2013 30 NBA Feet: Weekend Recap   4/12   4/14

The final weekend of the 2012-2013 NBA Regular Season just passed, and it seems like the best was saved for last because there were a ton of headlines over the last few days. The Nike Basketball signature trio all debuted their Elite signature models, with Kobe Bryant whipping out a “Home” colorway, LeBron wearing the Green/Volt,  and Kevin Durant debuting a Black/Blue colorway of the KD V Elite. Amir Johnson of the Toronto Raptors impressed us with the Air Jordan III “Doernbecher”, but amidst all the big headlines, the top story goes to Derrick Williams, who stole the show with the Air Jordan IV “Oregon Ducks”. We’ve got a full recap below, so take a look and stay tuned for our end-of-the-season recap of NBA Feet coming very soon!

nba fee april 15 2013 39 NBA Feet: Weekend Recap   4/12   4/14

nba fee april 15 2013 37 NBA Feet: Weekend Recap   4/12   4/14

nba fee april 15 2013 38 NBA Feet: Weekend Recap   4/12   4/14

nba fee april 15 2013 34 NBA Feet: Weekend Recap   4/12   4/14

nba fee april 15 2013 35 NBA Feet: Weekend Recap   4/12   4/14

nba fee april 15 2013 36 NBA Feet: Weekend Recap   4/12   4/14

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Man, kobe fans are absolutely the worst fans I've ever seen. No objectivity, and seemingly a failure to grasp the basic elements of  common sense. D'Antoni is not to blame for Kobe's minutes and injury, Kobe's ability to get coaches fired, and his refusal to adhere to anyone else's rules is what got him injured.

Good riddance.

Jonathan Broder
Jonathan Broder

road elite>homes from friday. thanks dantoni for ending a career! really appreciate it! your job is to manage minutes! not run your star into the ground! last night proved as did indy d12 could handle some of the load! no way in hell would pjax or coach k allow the mamba to be logging 45min in april! he should pay for this!! period!!!! 


the pic with eric maynor looks epic af


Its no1s fault... Achilles can get torn or ruptured jus gettin out of bed. Terrell suggs ruptured his Achilles working out.. Even chauncy billups tore his Achilles doin somethin similar to wat Kobe did... So it was jus a freak accident. Achilles are tricky like dat


@Jonathan Broder kobe is as responsible for the injury if you believe minutes were the reason for it.  you think a first year coach could demand kobe come out? you think you would have been as demanding about lessening minutes if he took him out and they lost some games?

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