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NBA Feet: The Biggest Stories of the 2012-2013 Season

April 18th, 2013 by / 15 c

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Was the 2012-2013 NBA Season the best ever – from a sneaker standpoint?  In this era of sneaker fashion forwardness, the Retro sneaker craze, and signature shoe dominance, this past NBA season (a full one, at that) definitely kept the the sneaker community more in tune with the league than ever before. There were plenty of interesting headlines that we didn’t get to delve too deeply into during our NBA Feet recaps, so see what we’ve pointed out as the biggest stories of the 2012-2013 NBA Season.

Instead of pointing out “the best sneakers of the season”, we’re going to take it a step further and discuss some interesting occurrences from the season. The Nike Elite Collection debuting before the Playoffs, Dwyane Wade’s new signature shoe, Melo taking a step backwards, and an unofficial sneaker battle among the top sneakerheads in the NBA will have us discussing NBA Feet well after the regular season is over, so check out the stories below!

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What are those compression things lebron is wearing called?


What brand are those 3/4 compression tights that KD and Kobe wearing guys?


you gotta love Nate Robinson he realize there only shoes.


Ray Allen's 16s, Monta Ellis's 17s....*bow down*


Summary from other point of view:

1) Elites are overrated and way overpriced

2) Playing in customs are cool but is more about ego and self-absorbtion

3) XX8s look like boots zipped up and irritating flaps zipped down. Not a good casual look whatsoever

4) DWade has been a great player in his Way of Wades. But just like his level of play, DWades douche levels have grown. Constantly tweeting pics of shoes not availablein the U.S. ALL SEASON! More narcissistic than ever. Flat out cocky. Even giving self-naming nicknames .... "wow". Really?!!! Gtfo

5) Ray Allen PEs have always been nice, but dudes play has been very inconsistent. Switching from one shoe to the next doesn't help

6) Nothing bad to say about Hyperposites. A bit pricey. Rondo killed it in the gold joints

7) Raptors heat - More Bulls colorways, so not hard to wear 'Heat' with that team.

8) Stunting in rare kicks - Well, that's all it is. Not one of those players are 'Most Improved' a marquee player, or consistently good EXCEPT for Nate. Nate wearing Yeezys lasted 1 qtr of a game. That was purely for attention purposes. Hell, might as well wear Nike Marty McFlys, lights on and all.

9) iDs are all good. Love seeing matching colorways and creative designs

10) Melo going back to a previous model is telling. He was straight on fire in the M8 Adv. Keep wearing those.

Addl Notes: What LeBron did was wear the SAME shoe almost every game. He said it took some getting used to when he switched to the FairFax and then also to the Elites. But mostly, it was the same model in fire colorways. Dude was amazing this year. Hands down MVP. I have to think footwear played a large part of it.

Please stop wearing sissy tights. This isn't ballet.

Bring on the Playoffs. Gonna be fun


D-Wade Li-ning is going to be a collectors item


NateRob is killing it. The Hyperposite is an ugly shoe. Sit down DMV.


Bosh in my opinion has the best hyper posite color ways and nasty Nate Robinson is possibly one of the best little men to play the game


@Cpack He realizes he has money to spare. Yes, they are only shoes but if he was a normal person, he wouldn't be in your local gym hoopin in some of these shoes even though that's their intended purpose


@NuttyKicks you went on a rant about mostly nothing lol. The only points I agree with you on are 1 and 10. And those are "sissy tights" NBA players wear. They are for compression clothing used to improve blood flow and stamina


@newsouth912 It wasn't so much a rant. More of unhyped comments about each section.

Compression tights are still that. They may help with blood flow, but you never seen MJ wear them. Kobe did for a short while but dumped those quick


if you hate them so much why dont you tell them to quit wearin them? theyll listen to ya


@NuttyKicks @newsouth912 Didn't MJ wear compression shorts under his uniform? I think they were from his days at UNC (I could be wrong). Plus it's modern technology just like the shooting sleeve. Some players like it (LJ, Wade, Melo, KD) and some won't

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