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Nike Honors Kobe Bryant with “Now, Show Us Again” Ad

April 22nd, 2013 by / 19

kobe bryant nike now show us again Nike Honors Kobe Bryant with Now, Show Us Again Ad

Kobe Bryant‘s season-ending injury all but put an end to this year’s chances at another Championship, but the big picture tells a story far bleaker than being eliminated from Playoff contention. The Lakers’ star player Kobe Bryant went down with a torn Achilles, an injury that for most player his age would be a career killer, but for the Black Mamba, it’s just another challenge to overcome – on that Kobe is more than capable of handling. This weekend, Nike honored Kobe Bryant with this “Now, Show Us Again” ad, pointing out all of his great accomplishments and unparalleled professionalism throughout career, alluding to his inevitable triumphant comeback from his injury. The ad got a response from them man himself, so check out Kobe’s personal responses to these ads below and let us know what you think.

kobe bryant nike now show us again tweet Nike Honors Kobe Bryant with Now, Show Us Again Ad

kobe bryant nike now show us again newspaper Nike Honors Kobe Bryant with Now, Show Us Again Ad


damn if only kobe still had ankle insurance


You Kobe sympathizers would have legitimate beef if anything that I've stated were untrue, or simply false. However everything posted, is fact.

Get over it, while your boy may have numbers, he also has a whole laundry list of embarrassing mishaps. 

It's incredible how so many would rather a good story, instead of the truth.

Could you imagine how much better some of the other players would be, if they could also take a helicopter to practice?


@Longstroke you showed us how a person could hate on kobe like he pissed on you, you showed us that every kobe post on this website you have to hate for no reason, you showed us that people still think kobes a ball hog even though hes averaged 6 for his career, u dumb


It's alright Longstroke, u just another hater. Everybody wants to hate on the best.


You showed us that and 18 year old can force a trade before being drafted.

You showed us that if you don't get your way like that year in Phoenix, that you'll pout, then not shoot the ball, or if someone plays tough D on you and then blocks your shot, you'll backhand slap them like you did Manu Ginobli, not once, but twice.

You showed us how to play chess while playing hoops, while chess isn't a team game.

You showed us how to hit game winners, but hey, you've also showed us how to alienate teammates.

You showed us that an 81 point game is a real thing, but what happened to the team for rest of that season?

You showed us that while gold still matters, the diamond that sits on top means much, much more, when you don't have a prenup.

You showed us how to take an ice bath, but perhaps you should have taken them for other reasons...see the above comment.

You showed us how to score thirty points in a quarter, twice, but you also showed us how to run a future HOF big man out of town as well, not once, but perhaps twice as well.

You showed us two face.

You showed us how to demand perfection and demand it from everyone, with the photographers in that famous photo session trying to make you look like Tupac being the big exception.

You showed us that even with the message of Magic, condoms and random chicks while being married, even while in Colorado, don't necessarily go together.

Vanessa said that you were never "out of it" after that, ever.

Don't show us again.


#Lakergang We here. Kobe all day. I know they gone hate but yall know what it is. Black Mamba




Great ad. But of course it's not to commend and motivate; it's to make Nike money


Show you a sweep  #teamspurs

lol dnt get butthurt guys..

Jonathan Broder
Jonathan Broder

props to nike! i hope this is not the end and i will never forgive dantoni..bday ruined..thanks mike D! since i share the same bday as mr. Nicholson he can take a cue from his character order a "code red". that said, get healthy kb i want 1 more year! he could have won MVP this year!!! 


@Longstroke you showed us your hatred and bitterness towards a man who has probably eliminated your team from the playoffs 6 times in the past decade


Dude u love Kobe... That's wat I really think... U don't need to post a fuckin novel on every Kobe post... U really like kobe


@Longstroke And You've showed us all how much extra time you have on your hands with all this typing. Quit hatin


Don't get me wrong kid Kobe's going down in the Hall of Fame and is great player even at 34 but Kobe had no chance at all, litterally no chance at winning MVP this year. Lakers had a rough record, slow start up for Kobe in the beginning of the year and got Jaylen Rosed making him miss some key games now, the Lakers about to be sept in a 1st round playoffs is something NO ONE expected. Plus now with Kobe Bryant injured, no chance Lebron James wins MVP hands down and is no doubt the best player in the league right now. I am NOT saying he sucks. Kobe was one of the best players and to be competing with LBJ and KD and Melo at 34 is amazing he just hasn't been able to have the same season like Lebron the MVP of the 2012-2013 season. And before people say I'm on the Heat bandwagon I live in Miami, FL and was born and raised in Coral Gables, FL.

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