Andre Agassi Rejoins Nike

May 13th, 2013 by | 12 comments

agassi nike 01 Andre Agassi Rejoins Nike

It looks like Nike has officially re-joined with one of their most celebrated athletes of old in Andre Agassi. The partnership between them and the wild-haired tennis star will focus on “a shared passion for tennis, along with a commitment to help kids become more active and realize their full potential through sports.” And while that initial bit of info seems to exclude a revival of the classic Andre Agassi branded Nike footwear, we can certainly dream that Nike has something in the works. Tell us in the comments which sneaker you’d most like to see make a comeback and stay tuned for more news on the renewed Andre Agassi/Nike partnership.

agassi nike 02 Andre Agassi Rejoins Nike

agassi nike Andre Agassi Rejoins Nike

andre agassi rejoins nike 01 Andre Agassi Rejoins Nike

andre agassi rejoins nike 02 Andre Agassi Rejoins Nike

andre agassi rejoins nike 04 Andre Agassi Rejoins Nike

andre agassi rejoins nike 03 Andre Agassi Rejoins Nike

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This is good news, I hope they retro some of the older kicks :)


I made about +100 USD profit off the OG agassi air tech. looks like I'll be spending that money and more on the retros. kinda sad to see how Nike is signing him up just to retro/market them tennis shoes. would be cool if he still played or they did a project together (I'm sure they will)


Sorry but no body cares about tennis... Yawn.


you gues really need to get ride of that fucking M&M commercial that plays on all your web pages...shit is fucking annoying as hell


I hope the Tech Challenge 1 & 2 also return


I've been waited on an Agassi retro just as long as Andre's extensions


@Sneakerhead42 okay hypebeast, im sure you'll be the first to comment you'll be copping the air tech challenges when they retro.


@CaseyGUNS @Sneakerhead42 yessir. there is a reason why sneakers are called tennis shoes! tennis shoes were the SH* back in the day homieee

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